UK DVLA Theory Test
The UK's Department for Transport offers an online course that allows you to test your knowledge and develop your understanding of the rules of the road. You won't endure much difficulty in clearing this first barrier; the UK DVLA theory exam. When it comes to driving theory, preparation is critical since you can't bluff knowledge such as vehicle rules and traffic signs very easily. However, if you do your homework and execute some simulated tests, you will not go far wrong.
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When the day of your driving theory test arrives, you'll want to make sure that you're as prepared as possible. The best way to do this is by getting plenty of sleep the night before, so you're fresh and alert for the big day. Have a good breakfast too, as you don't want your blood sugar levels dropping half way through the test!
There are 50 multiple choice questions in the DVLA theory test, which you'll have 57 minutes to complete. You need to answer 43 correctly to pass. The questions will be based on material found in The Highway Code and will cover a range of topics such as road markings, signage, vehicle safety and first aid. It's important that you understand this material inside out, as even the smallest mistake could result in a question being answered incorrectly.
Once you've completed the multiple choice section, you'll move on to the Hazard Perception Test. This consists of 14 video clips, each lasting around one minute. You'll need to watch the clips and identify any potential hazards, such as pedestrians crossing the road or vehicles coming out of junctions. There are 15 hazards in total, but only 13 are scored as the first clip contains two hazards.
You'll be given your results straight away after finishing the test and, if you're successful, you'll be issued with a pass certificate. This is valid for two years and allows you to book your practical driving test. Congratulations - you're one step closer to becoming a qualified driver!
Now that you know how to prepare for and pass your driving theory test, there's nothing stopping you from getting out on the road and enjoying the freedom of driving! Just remember to stay safe, be cautious and always follow The Highway Code. Good luck!