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Bangor theory test centre

Bangor is not only the oldest place on Wales, it also hosts one of only a number of practical testing centres within the county of Gwynnded. The site rests, as well as many other practicum tests centres, within the middle of a nearby industrial estate and the surroundings are expected to be busy, especially at rush time. If you decide to take this chance, you should be familiar with both tests and driving tests. Thankfully we did all of that for you! This helpful guide lists everything you need to get your tests, from your contacts to your pass rates.

Bangor Theory Test Centre

You must take DVSA's Driving Theory exam in the first place before registering for a practical driving class. You may do your theory testing at any theory test centre throughout England, Scotland and Wales, including Bangor theory test centres. This informative article provides information on Bangor theory testing centre. If you are planning on booking an online test at Bangor Test Centre, there are a lot of useful links here.


If your test centers are situated in an occupied location it might make sense to book a test between 10:00 and 18:00. This way you won't have to worry about rush hours which is a problem for learning drivers. Some test centres may also have tests on Saturday. Driving tests on Sunday increase. Driving test cannot be booked directly with a testing centre. Driving lessons there are two choices - by phone or online. Book DVSA test book online.


Bangor Driving tests are conducted in rural locations and will need a candidate with an excellent knowledge of rural roads. High speed road A5's are also available for testing for driving. You must be able to read roundabout junctions. To learn more about road type and traffic systems that you are using at the Bangor test centre, see our route section.


Practical Driver's Examination Centre - location Llandegalai. Industrial estates. Llandeganghai. Bangor. Gynedd. Details: Males, females and disabled bathrooms. The test centres are equipped with a car park for the following test vehicles: Motorcycle Module 1 and Motorcycle Module 2.

How to book your theory test at the Bangor Theory Test Centre

You can get a theory assessment from the DVSA directly. It's also possible to book the theory driving tests from us. Reservation is quick! We provide everything necessary for passing a car/motorcycling theoretical test and any theory examination needed for passing.


Driving test passes sections include all of the passes from UK Driving Test centres including Bangor test centres.

How do I book my driving test in Bangor?

To book driving test, there are two choices: via telephone or by internet. To book a practical driving test from Bangor Driving Centre by phone please refer to the DVSA testing booking page for details. DVSA Telephone is an automated testing service.


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When booking your DSA theory test in Bangor you'll need:

  • A valid debit/credit card for payment.
  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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