Burnley Theory Test Centre

Burnley Theory Test Centre Address

Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth Room
Pendle & Rossendale Council for Voluntary Services
The CVS Centre
62-64 Yorkshire Street
BB11 3BT
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BB11 3BT

Book change or cancel your theory test appointment

Theory tests can be booked and kept to three clear working days’ notice, can also be booked and changed online or by telephone.

The driving licence you need

Before you can take the theory exam, you must first obtain a valid provisional driving license. To do this, you should contact your local Motorway Patrol Office or Driver & Vehicle Agency (or call them on 0800 111 999).

Book a test to upgrade your licence

You can book your driving test online by calling the DVSA on 0300 200 1122 Monday to Friday, 8am -4pm. Call costs vary depending on what type of test you want to take.

When you do not need a theory test

You should always pass your theory test before booking a vehicle. You don't need a theory test to drive a tractor, but you do need a theory test to upgrade from an automatic to a manual transmission. You also need a theory test to progress through the different categories of motorbikes. For example, if you want to go from a 125cc bike to a 250cc bike, you'll need a theory test. A lorry or trailer test is needed when you've got a lorry or trailer licence. A bus or trailer test is required when you've got a bus or trailer licence.

A medium lorry licence means you can drive a large truck or van. A minibus licence means you can drive smaller vehicles such as vans, buses and coaches.

Book a test online

When you book your driving test online, you'll be given an estimated time until you get called for your test. You won't be put in any sort of queue.

Burnley Theory Test Centre Theory Test

Theory Test Centre Update:Please check the test centre address again in your booking confirmation. You may need to re-book your test or contact our customer service team if you still do not receive an email confirming your booking.

Burnley Theory Test Centre Directions

Burnley Theory Test Centre phone number. You should call the DVSA if you want to book a theory test. The number is 0300 200 1222. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm. We are not affiliated with this testing center and are unable to give our customers' feedback to them.

Find Theory Test Waiting Times at any DVSA Theory Test Centre

We can show you the current wait times at every DVSA test centre.

Theory test

Candidates take the test individually. Each candidate gets 50 chances to answer each question correctly. When they finish, they see how many points they got out of 50.

Candidates should be informed about their results after finishing the exam.

Driving test

A reasonable adjustment is an accommodation that helps people who have difficulties reading and writing. People with dyslexia may be able to take a different route to get to the test centre, or use a computer instead of paper.

Preparing for your theory test

The theory test is made up out of 80 questions split into 5 sections. You need to get at least 12 right in each section to pass. Most of the questions require you to select the correct answer from the four choices given.



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When booking your DSA theory test in Burnley you'll need:

  • A valid debit/credit card for payment.
  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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