Isles of Scilly Theory Test Centre

Isles of Scilly Theory Test Centre Address

Ground Floor
Porthmellon Enterprise Centre
Porthmellon Business Park
St Marys
TR21 0JY
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TR21 0JY

Driving Theory Test Centres in Isles Of Scilly

Residents of the beautiful Isles of scilly will not have to go to the mainland to take theory tests. There is a theory test centre on st marys. Before you run off to buy a test, make sure you are ready for exactly what is required of you on the day

Isles of Scilly Car Theory Test Center is situated in Isles of Scilly and this branch has been opened on March 6th, 2017. At present there are 19 more driving schools very close to this center. The closest one is St Mary’s Driving School and the distance from that school to this center is only 0.3 miles.

Arriving at Isles of Scilly Theory Test Centre

You'll be walking to the test centre.

Nearby Theory Test Centres

The Isles of Scilly theory testing centre is located in Cornwall.

Isles of Scilly Theory Test Booking Service

We're here to help you book your Isles of Scilly theory tests. To make things easy we've created an online booking form, 

To book a DSA theory test in Isles of Scilly you'll need

You need a valid UK or NI driving licence number to book your test. You also need a valid debit or credit card to pay for your test. You must be within 50 miles of our test centres to take your test. Click here for a map to this test center. Book now.

How To Get There

Isles of Scilly test center is located at the following coordinates: Latitude: 51.5 Longitude: -3.6

Isles of Scilly Test Pass Rates

We've found some interesting facts about learner driver pass rates. Pass rates are highest in the South West (80%) and lowest in London (69%). Learners who fail their first attempt at the theory test usually do better on the practical part (77% pass rate).

What To Expect On The Day

Your provisional licence is very important because without it you won't be able do any driving. You must arrive 10 minutes early to the examiners office. Then you will go through a written test, followed by an oral test. When you pass both tests, you will receive your provisional licence.

A car test consists of two parts – an eyesight test and a written test. You must pass both before you get your licence. In order to do this, you'll need to read the number plates correctly. This is done by looking at them from a distance of 20 meters. Then, you'll need to answer two questions about car safety and maintenance. These are shown to you, but you're told what the answers should be. Finally, there's a general driving section. Here, you'll be guided by an examiner, who will show you how to drive safely and efficiently. You'll also need to complete one of the following manoeuvre: "

You're going to drive 20 miles to get there.

Where is the hardest place to pass your driving test in the UK?

Private Driving Practice can help improve your chances. You'll need all the help you could get.

The test centre, just outside the city centre, has an extremely low pass rate. This is because women struggle more than men in the test.

Where is the easiest place to pass your driving test in the UK?

The easiest place to pass your driver's licence in the UK is the Isle of Mull. This is because there are no hills or mountains to drive over, and the roads are flat. There are also no speed limits, so passing tests are easy.

Driving tests are held in Scotland because the roads are quiet and the weather is nice.

The hardest places to pass your driving test

Birmingham is the most popular place in England. There are more people living there than any other city. Rochdale is the second most popular place in England, followed by Manchester. Carlisle is third, followed by London. Erith is fourth, followed by Liverpool. Croydon is fifth, followed by Leeds. Wanstead is sixth, followed by Birmingham. Sutton Coldfield is seventh, followed by Birmingham. Kingstanding is eighth, followed by Bury.

THE DRIVING TEST IN the Isles of Scilly

The examiner requires you to demonstrate one of four manoeuvres. You must be able to drive independently for ten minutes. Every other test includes an emergency stop procedure. The driving test centre is located around rural roads. A knowledge and ability at these roads is essential. The country roads tutorial offers advice on these roads in particular. Village roads may have narrow and tricky areas which is a common place to fail driving tests.

Test routes are available for many test centres and may include Isle of Scilly driving test route. Viewing the test route provides test candidates with an insight onto the various types of roads they're likely to encounter.


Booking times are available while you make your reservation. You must pay an extra fee if you want to take a test on a Saturday. Rural testing centres may close down during the week.

You can book a driving test by phone. All practical driving tests are booked by the DVSA via the internet. The online system displays available tests with dates and times. Choose the date and time you want to take your test.

You can change your driving test date up to three weeks before you take the test. Cancellation of the test requires giving three working days' notice. Saturday is considered a working day.


Driving tests are very important because if you fail them, you might get into trouble. You should try to take your driving test as soon as possible. Your chances of passing will be better if you do this.


The station is located on South St, approximately a 5 minute walking distance, being 0.2miles from the test centre. The test centre is on the ground floor of this building.

Isle of Wight Theory Test Centre Directions

There are two parks near the test centre, and they cost £1.00 each. You can park for free for up to three hours in either place. Both parks are about 0.1 miles away from the test centre. It takes 3 minutes to walk to them.

Isle of Wight Theory Test Centre

Please double check the test centre location in your booking confirmation. You may need to contact us about any queries regarding your test booking.


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  • A valid debit/credit card for payment.
  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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