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Sheffield Theory Test Centre

You will need to pass the DVSA driving theoretical test before you can schedule the practice test. It can be done at any Theory Testing Centre in England, Scottish or Welsh including in Sheffield. These short books provide information about the University's Sheffield Theoretical Testing Centre. If you have thought about booking a theory test for your test in Sheffield, there is much to learn.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Sheffield

Sheffield Theory Test Centre is located near city centre, meaning there are good connections to transportation and nearby facilities for everyone! The good connection to South Yorkshire has been an ideal destination in which people can take a theory test. Continue reading and learn all you can about this site including phone numbers, directions, and many more!

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Sheffield theory test centre?

Online theory test revision materials are simple, quick and intelligent ways of helping learners in Sheffield to pass the theory test of the DVSA. We are here to help you get your Theory Test Pass. No matter what style you choose to learn, our revision materials will suit different learn styles. It is tailored to your individual needs and provides everything you need to pass theory tests easily. Is this true? Visit this link for more information. You will immediately have access to all our educational areas once you have registered.

How do I get to Sheffield Theory Test Centre?

If you travel to an experimental center, give yourself more time to travel, as something unexpected will occur while you are traveling. We recommend coming to your appointment 15 minutes ahead of your testing session. If you walk you should go south on Campo Avenue and Vicar Lane. Afterwards find a theory test center in it. By car: If traveling by car with friends you may park your car in nearby parking areas including Wellington Street garage, Carver Lane garage or Car Park The Moor - Sheffield | APCOA.

Booking a theory test at Sheffield Theory Test Centre

You may book your theory test online via the DVSA website. You may call the DVSA reservations telephone number 012 821 0022. When booking your theory test make sure that upon booking you can select the theory testing centre that fits your theory test needs. For a comprehensive listing of all the theoretical exam centers, visit this site. It is crucial to prepare for the theory exam in order to get good chances and then pass. You can find many good theoretical resources throughout


Train stops are often within walking distance of all theoretical testing centres. Bus stops near test center. A bus stop in the rue Leopold is located a short walk from theory test center. Buses by first groups. Station. Tel: 17009566000. From the train station Sheffield Theory Testing Centre takes 0.1 mile or 3.1 minutes to walk. Arrive in the car: Parking is available at Campo Lane approximately five minutes walk from the theory testing site.


It's only required that you book your driving license provisionally, so just tell me the details. You can book theory tests using the methods described here. The Driver Safety Authority oversees the administration of all theory test reservations, and Pearson Professional conducts the theory tests. During bookings you must mention your hearing and reading difficulties. Reservations for Theory tests can be arranged via an automated phone number.


Upon completion of the Test booking your registration will be refunded by DVSA via e-mail. Check if you did not get your junk mail. It confirms your scheduled theoretical test date and provides a reference number. Although it is not essential to travel to a theory testing centre it is recommended for students to print this email in a timely manner.

How to book your theory test at the Sheffield Theory Test Centre

You'll have a theory exam booked directly from the Drivers and Vehicles Standards Authority (DVSA). It's also possible to arrange your theory tests for driving. Reservations can be made quickly. Our goal is passing a car theory test. We will give your car the necessary tests and, if necessary, a battery replacement.

Where do you take your theory test in Sheffield?

If you reside in or near Sheffield, you can choose from either Sheffield Handsworth or Sheffield Middlewood. Do not be worried if you fail a theoretical exam. It's simple to book new tests online.

Can you sit theory test online?

This is the required prerequisite for an online theoretical test. Unfortunately phones, laptops and computers are not allowed to operate. Webcams with microphone for the monitor during the test.

How long is the wait for a driving theory test?

Tell me the time required for the theory test. The waiting time for a theoretical test is normally around three days, although this is sometimes longer in crowded areas.

How long is wait for driving test?

London test centres, for example, can wait up to twelve weeks for a test. While the DVSA employs several driving examers in large populations, the test centres capacity is limited owing to the small size the test centres are.

Why are there no driving tests available UK?

This is because fewer tests were conducted than normal due to restrictions affecting the pandemic. Learner drivers awaiting a retest may have noticed that waiting periods are long and therefore have to book sooner than usual.

How many driving test Centres are there in the UK?

380 driving tests have occurred around the UK.

Where do I take my theory test in Sheffield?

Sheffield residents can choose between Sheffield Handworth or Sheffield Middlewood Road. Until then, don't worry. Booking your new test ticket quickly becomes easier!

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

In contrast, areas with high density have longer test waiting periods. The London testing centre for example requires a minimum of two weeks of testing.

When can you book your theory test?

You need to have a provisional permit for the theoretical testing and you must be 17 for the tests. In this case you can have a theory test at the age of 18 if you have mobility part of your personal independence payment.

Can you do your theory test online?

Google Chrome is available for Microsoft Windows. There's no alternative browser. A positive result in the system readiness checks on the theories which ensures the computer runs the tests.

Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?

Yeevil in Somerset finished with a 67% passing percentage followed by Dorchester in Dorset at 66% followed by Aberdeen at 66.7. Lee in Solent ranks second most easy in passing with 65.8%.

What's the waiting time for driving test?

In London test centers, there are usually 12-week waiting periods. Although DVSA employs a greater number of drivers examiners in highly populous zones testing centres have a limited capacity due in part to size.

What is the pass rate for driving test Centre?

Other easy and safe places to take your driving exam in London are Tolworth, Carshalton, Uxbridge and.. Other items in this list.

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