Shrewsbury Theory Test Centre

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Suite 2
Ground Floor
Canon Court West
Abbey Lawn
Abbey Foregate
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Shrewsbury Theory Test Centre

You must have a theory driving test before booking a practice driving test. The theory tests must be taken at any theory testing centre in the United Kingdom, Scotland and Wales including the theory testing centre in Shrewsbury. These short guides will give you all the essential information on the Theory Test Centre in Shrewsbury. We offer a number of useful tips on preparing for your first theory exam.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury county centre is the only theoretical research facility in Shropshire. So it is likely the preferred driving option in England. For some extra motivation, check out Shrewsbury's comprehensive guide to Theory Testing Centres. You learn so much information while preparing to take a test.

Must Read About Shrewsbury Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Shrewsbury Theory Test

Theory Test Centre - Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury Address - Shrewbury, Canon Court West - Canon Court Abbey Park - Abbey Forgate, Shrewsbourne SY2 5DE. Book Theory Test - DSA. Shrewsbury Testing Centre - Are there online courses available at Shrewsbury Theory Test Centre? See more and find all the information about the driving test centres in the town of Shrewsbury. The following information can be found on the online driving theory testing service of the Shrewsbury theory centre. Shrewsbury Theory Training Centre UK Driving theory testing in Shrewsbury take place in Abbey Foregate at Canon Court West.


Train stations and buses can often be walked to most test sites. Bus stop near the test site There is an autobus that runs beside the Abbey Church just minutes away from the testing centre. Buses from Arriva. The station is on 014 848 4444. A short distance from Bus Stop Shrewsbury Theory Testing Centre. Arrival by auto: Limited parking in the vicinity of test centres. Alternative parking is available at Abbey Foregate, around a 5 minute walk from the theory testing centre.

How to find Shrewsbury Theory Test Centre?

The test site of historic Shrewsbury Market is situated in the modern regency style office of the Abbey Lawn Development near Abbey Forgegate. This is an interesting place for your test. The walk to Abbey Lawn takes around 17 minutes and there are several options to cross the river or follow the river for some minutes. Several bus lines stop at the Abbey Fore Gate. If you plan to arrive to Test Centre by car, there is usually parking near the headquarters.


You just need your provisional licence for the theory test. You may book the theory testing by any of the methods listed below. Pearson Professional manages theory tests and manages the theory testing. When booking make note of the possibility of having hearing problems as help is offered in the exam. Booking a Theory Test online is available via automated telephone lines.


When you make your theoretical test appointment the DVSA email will inform you. Check your junk mail to see if it was not received. This e-mail confirms the appointment for the theory test. Although not mandatory for taking to the theoretical testing centers, it would be helpful to print out the letter so as to alert staff if any problems were incurred at that time.

Shrewsbury Theory Test Centre Essential Information

We reserve DVSA theory testing in Shrewsbury for you. Use a free trial to see if there are no results. Canon Court West ( Suite 2) Abbey Hill Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury Shropshire, S1 3EA. The Shrewsbury Theories Testing Centre operates now under Pearson Professional.

Facilities available at Shrewsbury Theory Test Centre

The Shrewsbury Testing Centre currently does not offer facilities. If you need help with access issues or accessibility, contact the DVSA customer care team by phone at 0800 201 1222. See more results from the male and female shrewsbury theory testing centers.

How to book your theory test at the Shrewsbury Theory Test Centre

You may book the test directly with DVSA (DVI) or DVSA. If you want more experience, you should make an appointment online. Reservations are easy with us. We give you everything you want to pass the car theory exam if you have any.


Your test fee is refundable for a shortened time or cancellation. Please give at least three days notice (even weekends).

Where do I take my theory test in Shrewsbury?

Trains. The testing station is based on an office in the Abbey Lawndevelopment, a collection of Regency style buildings off Abbey Fortegate.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

A region containing a higher population density has a comparatively shorter time period for the driving test however. The tests are usually held for 12 weeks or longer.

How can I pass my theory test quickly?

What are the best methods of passing a theory test? Book an analysis exam! . Get on your list. ... Get ready for dangerous identification! ... Set up a few hours. . Do skunk tests. ... Definitely take a few days off to get things done! ... Keep in touch with your photo of your license. ... Give some practice period.

Can you do your theory test online?

This browser is supported only in Windows and no other browser is currently available. Passing the system readiness test and double checking the software compatibility on this computer will enable you to test your knowledge and performance.

How long is the wait for a driving test Shrewsbury?

Typical waiting times for tests for Shrewsbury are from 7 to 8 weeks.

Is Shrewsbury theory test Centre open?

Shrewsbury Theory Test. Phone Number. Openings are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.

Can you do theory test online?

Here's what it takes in order to qualify for an online theory test. But it is not possible to use pcs, tablet computers or iPads. Webcams and microphones for monitoring in the test area and at other times. 

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