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South Suite
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Anglo City House
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SO15 3EU
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Southampton Theory Test Centre

You have to pass a DVSA driving theory test to be eligible to take a practical test. You may be able to take a theory assessment at a theory centre in England or Scotland including one in Southampton. This brief guide provides everything about the Southampton Theory Testing Center. You can find lots of helpful information here about the testing center in Southampton.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Southampton

Southampton theory testing centres offer many advantages. Wait time is minimal, the pass rate is high and was moved to an extremely comfortable place in November 2018. Want a better idea? All right there. It will help prepare for the theory testing day at Southampton. There are transportation information and local attractions as well as tips on passing the tests!


The only thing that needs to be reserved for theory test is the provisional driving license. You could book this study by combining the following 2 methods. DVSA handles the administration and booking of theory testing and Pearson Professional conducts these tests. Please indicate your reading and hearing needs in your booking when making a reservation. Book Theory Testing Online. Booking Theory Testing on our website is possible through our online telephone service.


Train stations are usually only minutes away from the majority of the theory testing centers. Southampton bus stop There is a bus stop near the theory testing site at Four Posts Hill (0202 334 421) (Blue Star Buses). Telephone: 020 348 821. Southampton Theory Testing Centre is approximately one mile from bus stations or 1 minute walk. Arrival by vehicle: A parking lot is situated near W Park Road, just a short walk from the Theory Test Centre.


Once you complete your theory test reservation you will get email notification from the DVSA. Please check all emails that have not been received. This email confirms the test date and provides references to the test. Although not essential to go into a theory test center, the printout will give any staff the opportunity to see the problem.

How to book your theory test at the Southampton Theory Test Centre

You'll get a DVSA driver test certificate in the form of an online booking form on our website. You can schedule a driving theory test at our office. Reservations are fast and simple. We can provide all the information needed to pass your bike or car theory exam as quickly as you need.


If you cancel your test you may have another day of your choice for a refund. Please provide a minimum of 3-day notice for each day (including Saturday).

How long is the waiting list for driving theory test?

Areas that have higher population density, however, often experience fewer waiting times for driving tests. London testing centres have for example 12 or 14 weeks waiting time.

How long does it take to study for theory test?

It is recommended for learners to work up to 10 days rehearsing theory tests.

Where can I park for free in Southampton?

From Monday to Saturday (6pm to midnight) in City centre parking areas. City centre parking spaces with no parking available at the entrance. Albione's. Amory St. Bedford Place MSCP, Beevois. Bonds. Carrage Roads Citizens Centre Forecourt. College streets.

How much is parking in Southampton?

Parking outside a parking lot.

Where do you park at Cosmos Southampton?

I remember that one day. Park in a multistorey building just outside the Lux Cinemas. It is the West Bay's biggest. You walk into the entrance where it came and go almost immediately behind.

Are the toilets open in John Lewis Southampton?

We have accessible toilet facilities and lift access and also offer many other services to help people who are disabled enjoy their shops. If you have more questions about the product, please contact our partners or visit Southampton. Please call us on 013 8021 6400, text 08001 - 013 8021 60400 (via text).


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When booking your DSA theory test in Southampton you'll need:

  • A valid debit/credit card for payment.
  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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