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Hull Theory Test Centre Address

Second Floor
Utility House
32-36 Prospect Street
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Hull Car Theory Test Center

If you are attempting to undertake a driving theory test in the Hull area, then this is the test centre which you will need to report to. Please be aware that this is the official testing facility for all candidates in the Hull area, and is more than capable of providing you with a DVLA approved testing result.


Pearson Professional Centre
Unit 14-15, Kingston House South
Bond Street
Kingston upon Hull


Contact Information

There is no direct contact number for the testing facility, and nor will one be handed out to applicants. Instead, you will be required to go through the DVLA to ask any questions or queries that you have. The number to do this is printed below.

0300 200 1122


Those applicants who are attempting to arrive at the test facility by car will need to go to the nearest parking facilities. These are located 3 minutes away from the test centre.

For those applicants who are wishing to get to the test centre via a bus, there is a stop which is located approximately 0.5 miles away. Alternatively, there is access via a train, and it is located 0.4 miles from the test centre.

Booking Your Driving Theory Test

If you are going to book in a driving theory test, it would be sensible to allow us to do so. We communicate directly with the DVLA on your behalf and can easily provide you with a swift booking in.

About the Driving Theory Test

The driving theory test itself has been designed to make sure that you have a practical and well-rounded testing experience. All of the common elements of driving theory are examined and the entire test itself will be two different parts.

In the first part of the test, you will undertake a multiple choice quiz. This will provide you with the information that you need to be able to identify road signs, calculate stopping distances, and other important pieces of information. The second part of the test will be a simulation where you will be asked to identify and react to road hazards.

Taking the Test

When you arrive at the testing facility, please make sure that you arrive 15 minutes early. It is important in this regard because you want to make sure that you are not automatically failed by the DVLA for lateness.

Upon arrival, you will be given a secure storage locker to place all of your belongings into. Please do not attempt to take anything with you into the testing room, this will be seen as an attempt at cheating.

After the Test

When the test has been completed, you will be given a piece of paper which will detail your scores in the various assessments you have undertaken. These assessments will be broken down into individual scores as well, so you can properly identify how well you did. Please contact us if you do not pass on the first attempt.  

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When booking your DSA theory test in Hull you'll need:

  • A valid debit/credit card for payment.
  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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