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Oxford Theory Test Centre

DVSA drivers should pass the theoretical test to get the practicability driving permit. You can take this theory test anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales or England, even at Oxford. This short guide focuses on Oxford Theory Test Centers. If you are considering booking your Theory tests or just interested in finding out about an examination centre in Oxford, there are many helpful tips here.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Oxford

The City of Oxford contains the oldest English language university and the only theoretical testing center within county Oxfordshire. We focus primarily on these aspects throughout the guide. Those looking to obtain a license can now take an online quiz that is the first step. This is the perfect guide for preparing for the test. There is a price for the pass, wait times, directions etc.


Testing bookings can easily be completed through either of the following two ways. You will need your license if needed. Driving and vehicle safety authorities manage theory and audio testing and during the reservation process be sure to tell a customer that unless they have difficulty focusing on their reading or hearing. Pearson Professional runs the Theory Test Center at Oxford. Contact information for these two organizations is accessed in this section of the website. Can you book theory testing online?


A new service for students is to receive an email confirmation of their theory test bookings. Please provide correct email address for confirmation of your theory testing date. If you're missing email, check your spam file. Although not essential to take to the theory testing centre it is advised that the paper copy should be printed to give a copy to the centre if a problem occurs.


Train and bus stations usually have short distances from the main testing centres. Oxford bus stops at police stations: See contact details of theory test centres. The Oxford Technical Testing Center is about 2 miles or 1 minute walk.

How to book your theory test at the Oxford Theory Test Centre

You may request a theory test directly from the DVSA. It is possible to schedule a theoretical driving lesson with us. We're happy to offer free booking services. We will give you everything needed for your motorcycle theory test.


A three-day notice period must be given before you can re-schedule the theoretical exam or cancel a test to be refunded. Weekends will count as work days.

How long is the waiting list for driving theory test?

Areas amidst higher densities have comparatively shorter waiting time for driving tests. London test centres, amongst other facilities, have wait times from six to 12 weeks.

Can you do theory test online?

How should one get online theoretical training? The computer should also run Windows 8 or later on its own. Unfortunately the phone is not available for purchase on the iPhone X. A Webcam and microphone to monitor your performance during tests.

How can I pass my theory test quickly?

What are some easy and effective ways to get a good theoretical exam? Reserved for a theory exam. ... Get on with your book. ... Make an effort to detect hazards. The eponymous eponymous title ''. Give some hours. ... Do mock tests. . Make sure you have enough time. ... Do not forget the license picture. ... Take time.

How long is the waiting time for a theory test?

Typically waits are relatively short in rural areas. Areas with high populations have more lengthy waiting times for driving tests. London test centres, for example, offer 12-week wait-times or longer.

Which country has the hardest theory test?

The hardest test. The Japanese state of affairs. Learners from Japan must be enrolled in mandatory driving camps. ... The world. In China, it contains 200 questions that require 1000 memorisations to complete a theory test. ... Croatian. The... Monténégro: ... Ukraine.

How do I pass my Oxford driving test?

Tips to pass practical driving tests in Oxford. Dress well and get to the center 15 minutes early if your exam is scheduled. Don't wait for the test, otherwise it's too late. Tell me your question.

How long is a driving test Oxford?

The driving examinations in practical tests at Oxford last around 35-40 min.

What's the waiting time for driving test?

London tests centres usually wait for more than 12 weeks. DVSA employs more driving test examiners to conduct the tests at high populations but the testing facilities can only carry out certain tests on certain days because of the size of centres.

Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?

Yeovil Somerset dominated with a 67% passing rate ahead of Dorchester in Dorset with 66% and Aberdeen South with 66%. Lee at Solent ranked fourth with a pass rate of 65.9% followed by Blyth at 64.6%.

How long is the wait for driving test Oxford?

Driving testing centers typically have waitlists from 6 to 8 weeks. If you need a much earlier time to drive, DTC UK is here to assist you.

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