Hereford Theory Test Centre

Hereford Theory Test Centre Address

Ground Floor
Penn House
9-10 Broad Street
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Hereford Theory Test Centre

Please double-check the test centre address in the booking confirmation. We will not be able to answer any questions about test bookings.

Hereford Car Theory Test Center is one of the most popular theory test centers in Hereford. Thousands of people come to this test center every year to take their car theory tests. The staff at this center are very friendly and helpful, and they will make sure that you pass your test the first time. This is a great place to take your theory test, so if you need to take your car theory test, be sure to come here.

Hereford Theory Test Centre Address

Penn House is located at 9-10 Broad Street, Hereford. HR4, 9AP.

Hereford Theory Test Centre Directions

You should park your car at the Little Berrington Street Parking Facility. This costs £5.50 per day. It takes about three minutes to walk to the test centre.

When you do not need a theory test

You must pass a theory test before taking a driving test. An automatic license is required to drive a medium-sized vehicle. You must be licensed for two years before upgrading to a manual license.

From category D1 (minibuses) to category D (busses), you do not need to take an exam before booking a minibus or bus.

What is the theory test pass mark?

The car theory test is a multiple-choice test. To pass you must get at least 43 correct answers. The hazard perception test is a driving simulation test. You need to score 44 points to pass.


Hereford station is approximately a 16 minute drive, being 0.8 mile from the test centre.

The train station address is: hereford train station barr's court station approach hereford HR1 1BB. The location of the test centre is near the cathedral which houses a mappa mundi.


The station is approximately 0.6 miles away, an 11-minute walk to the test centre (0.6 miles 1 kilometer).

Book a test online

You need your: UK driving license number. email address. Credit or Debit Card.

Before you start

You must have lived for at least 185 days in England during the last year before sitting your theory or driving test. If you pass both parts of the test, then you're eligible to drive.

It's important to be aware that not everyone can understand everything written. So, please let us know if there’s anything we can help you with. We'll do our best to help you out.

Can I take my theory test online?

No. You must take the Theory Test at a Registered DVSA Theory Test Centre. Find a DVSA Theory Test Centre

What is the waiting time for a theory test?

The waiting time varies between theory tests centres. See the waiting times for your DVSA theory test.

Arriving at Hereford Theory Test Centre

There is a train station near here. A bus stop is nearby. And there is a parking lot nearby.

Guides and Tips

Put the work in and study hard. You'll pass this test first time.

You should be prepared for anything when taking a theory test. There are many different types of questions and answers. You need to know what to expect before sitting down to answer them. This app gives you an idea of what to expect on the day.

Nearby Theory Test Centres

There's no rule saying you have to take the test in your home county, but if you want to take it somewhere else, you can. You can also choose to take the test in Gloucester or Worcester.


Booking a theory test at is easy. You can do it online or by telephone. Before making a booking ensure you have your driving license at hand as you'll need some information from this - the DVSA (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency) manages all UK theory test bookings. Call and email contacts details of Pearson Professional who conducts the theory tests can be seen inside the booking section.

A telephone booking service is available at all UK test centres, including hereford. Any queries or concern, an option to speak with a DVSA member of Staff is available. See the website for more information.


Ensure you provide the correct email address while making your booking as the DVS will send you an email once you have completed the Theory Test booking. In case you cannot find it, check your Junk Folder. The email will confirm the test booking date, time, address and provide you a reference number. Although it is not essential to bring the email confirmation to the test centre, it is advisable to print this email to show to the centre if any problems arise.


You should allow enough time to get to Hereford Theory Test centre. Late arrivals may miss out on taking the test and lose the booking fee. You need to bring your provisional driving licence plastic card along with you to the test centre.

You need to take a valid UK passport with you when taking the theory test. If you lose your licence, you'll have to pay £60 to get a new one. Contact the DVLA if you've lost your licence or think it might be stolen.


Train stations are usually close to theory test centres. Here, the train station is about 15 minutes' walk away from the test centre. There is limited parking on the street nearby.



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  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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