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    Glasgow Theory Test Centre

    The DVSA Driver's Theory Test requires a passing score before completing a practical test. The theory testing can be taken anywhere in England and Scotland including the theory testing centre in the City and Glasgow. Contains information about Glasgow Theory Testing Centers. If you want to know more information about Glasgow Testing Centre then this site will provide you with some great advice.
    Driving Theory Test Centres in Glasgow

    Learner drivers in Glasgow can feel comfortable knowing they can find a theory centre in a very central location just a few steps from the river Clyder. This guide covers everything needed on testing day. Read more for details such as passing rates revisions, transportation choices and more.
    How do I get to Glasgow Theory Test Centre?

    When you come to Glasgow Theory Test Centre, you've got to get in from the city centre close to river Clyde. This travel tip can also be useful. Walking: When walking you have to get to a place early. If you drive towards the centre, the theory testing facility is west of the M8. If you're in proximity to the center of town, it's important to plan where to leave your vehicle for your trip. Bus: For those who travel by bus Wellington Street is situated west of the Testing Centre. It takes three minutes to get to the theory test centre.

    Booking a theoretical test at Glasgow Theory testing centres is easy by using any one of two techniques described above. Make sure you hold the driver's license at the moment if you are booking this. The DVSA manages all theory test bookings for Britain. Detailed contact information for Pearson Professional conducting theory tests can be found in our booking pages. Book Theory tests online. Typically the book method for theoretical tests is telephone. Telephone service is available on the reservation of theoretical tests at Glasgow.
    Read About Glasgow Driving Theory Test CentreBook Your Glasgow Theory Test

    Theory Test Center – Glasgow. Glasgow, 325 Pentagon Center, 3638 Washington Avenue, Glasgow, G 3 8AZ Books – Theory Test. Why are you planning on taking theory tests online at Glasgow Theory Test centres? Look no further, we have everything to offer at Glasgow Driving Training Centre. The following information will guide you in booking an online driver theory test from Glasgow theoretical training centre. Glasgow theory test center UK driving theory tests at Glasgow are performed at the Pentagon Center on George Washington Street.
    Booking a theory test at Glasgow Theory Test Centre

    To book the theory test you may visit this website and get a theory test online at any time. Alternatively you can dial DVSA booking telephone line 020 2100 1102. You can book the Theory Test Centre from your booking page by selecting a theory centre you are interested in. The total number and location of theory testing centers is available at the following website. It's extremely important you prepare for your theory exam in advance to ensure a great score on your test.

    Theory testing centres are generally located close to railway stations, sometimes only taking just one minute stroll. North Street, Glasgow City. G2 8RR. Station phone id: 0845 774 4500. The station is about 1.5 km (5 minutes driving) from Glasgow Theory Testing Centre. Arrival: A parking lot can be found on Brown Street, 5 minutes walk from Theory Test Centre.

    DVSA may send you a confirmation of your reservation by using this form. If there's no information available, please check your folder. E – E mail confirms testing time, date, location and reference number. It is advisable to print this email to send to staff at any centre if a problem occurs.

    If you cannot attend the requisite theory test at the agreed schedule you may reschedule the appointment if you provide at least 3 weeks' prior notice. The same notice applies if you want your tests cancelled and will get a monetary refund on the test.
    How can I book my theory test at Glasgow Theory Test Centre?

    The DVSA provides an introductory theory test. If you want more knowledge about driving, you have to get our free online test. Bookings can be made quickly. We will help you pass your car or bicycle theory test or pass all of your theory tests.
    Can I book theory test in Glasgow?

    It requires passing the theory test of the DVSA before booking an actual driving test. It is possible to take the theory exam anywhere within England, Wales or Scotland.
    Can you do theory test online?

    How does a student qualify for online theory tests: A desktop computer or laptop running Windows 8 or greater? Unfortunately, iPhones, iPads, or Macs cannot use them. Webcams for recording during tests, as well as in real time.
    Where do you sit your driving theory test in Glasgow?

    Testing facilities are located at Pentagon Center.
    How long is a driving test in Glasgow?

    Test examiners require a minimum of one test maneuver and the test may require emergency stopping for up to 3 times. Practical tests typically take a little over 40 minutes and 10 minutes for independent driving.
    Is it hard to drive in Glasgow?
    It won't take long before you get to Glasgow, or the city of Edinburgh. Keep moving and do not fear local swerves or lorries behind you if you can, just tell your left to slow down.

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