Harlow Car Theory Theory Test Centre

Harlow Car Theory Theory Test Centre Address

Pearson Professional Centre
Cambridge House
1st Floor, Suite 1
Cambridge Road
CM20 2EQ
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CM20 2EQ

Harlow car driving Theory Test Centre

Please double-check the test centre address in the booking confirmation. We will not be able to answer any questions about test bookings.

Harlow is a popular centre for driving theory tests in the UK. Located just a short distance from London, Harlow Theory Test Centre is highly accessible by car or public transport and offers test candidates numerous options when it comes to booking their test. The friendly staff at the Centre are always on hand to provide expert guidance with any issues relating to the test, and ensuring that all test candidates are fully prepared for their big day. Whether you're a first-time driver or an experienced motorist looking to brush up on your skills, Harlow Theory Test Centre has the resources and facilities to help you get ready for your test. So if you're considering taking your theory test in Harlow, be sure to check out the Centre and see what it has to offer.

Harlow Theory Test Centre Address

Harlow Theory Test Centre is located at Cambridge House, 1st floor, suite 1. Cambridge Road. The address is Harlow. Essex. There are two numbers after the name of the test centre.

Harlow Theory Test Centre Directions

Car. If you're travelling by car, limited free parking is available at the testing centre. The nearest carpark is Harlow Mill Station, which costs £4.9 per day and is about an eight-minute walk away. The testing centre is around 0.4 miles away from there.


Ensure you provide the correct email address whilst making your booking. The DVSA will send you a confirmation email once you have completed the booking. In case you cannot find it, check your spam/junk folder. The email will confirm the booking details, date, address and give you a reference number. Although it is not necessary to bring this email with you to the test centre, it is advisable to print it out to show to the centre personnel if any problems arise.


Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the test centre as all test centres operate strict allocated times for each candidate. Turn up late may see you denied entry and you'll lose the test booking fee if you're late. You need to take your provisional licence card with you to the test centre on the day of your exam.

You need to take your passport along with your driving license when taking the theory test. If you haven't got a valid UK passport, then you won't be allowed to sit the theory test. Contact the DVLA if you've lost your licence.


Two methods detailed below are available to book theory tests. You must bring your driving licence with you to take the theory test. Contact details of Pearson Professional conducting the theory tests can be accessed via the booking section.


Driving Theory Tests can be rescheduled or cancelled if required. To Reschedule or Cancel a Theory Test (and to receive a Full Refund) Please Allow Three Clear Working Days Notice. Saturdays Are Classed As A Working Day.

What is the waiting time for a theory test?

Waiting times vary between theory test centres. You should be prepared to wait up to 2 hours before you get called into the centre.


The nearest stop is on Cambridge road, on the same road where the test centre is located.


Harlow Mill is about 0.2 miles away. It takes 3 minutes to walk there. The train station address given by the system is: Harlow Mill Station. The test centre is on the first floor of Cambridge House.

Find a driving test centre

Driving tests are taken at different centres. Some centres may be more convenient than others. There are many ways to get to a driving test centre.

Arriving at Harlow Theory Test Centre

Public transport is great for reaching Harlow theory test centre. The railway station is close by, and the bus stops nearby too. It takes about 2 minutes to get there by either method.

Transport links in Harlow are easy to get around in. There are many ways to get to the test centres including by car, public transport or taxi. Public transport is available via bus routes or taxis. You can also use your satnav to find out how to get there.

Traffic on the larger roads in these areas can get quite built-in, so be sure to let yourself plenty of time to get to your test appointment even if it isn't coming from out of town. There are several parking options near the test centre.

There are two options nearby: Harlow Mill Station Car Park or Harlow Mill Station Bus Stop. Both are very close to each other. However, Harlow Mill Station Carpark charges £4 per hour whereas Harlow Mill Station bus stop doesn't charge anything. So, if you want to save money, then choose Harlow Mill Station bus station.

Parking costs £2.85 per hour. You can park here for two hours. It is located 20 minutes away from the testing centre.

Pass Rates by Year

The Harlow theory test centre has been included in this guide because it has seen its pass rate increase over the last year or two. However, it doesn't really matter whether your pass rate goes up or down, as long as you study hard!

Guides and Tips

You're determined to pass your theory test. But you need to study hard. Practice tests are also helpful. There are many practice tests available online. Use them to prepare for the real thing.


You should consider staying in a local hotel if you're planning on taking the SAT exam. A good night's rest is important for a great score on the test. Here are some hotels we recommend:

- The Best Western Plus Hotel & Suites

- The Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites

This hotel is located close to the Harlow theory test center. Rooms are fairly priced and provide plenty of convenience and comforts. Ideal for a short trip or for a stay during a holiday. For those who love golf, this hotel offers the opportunity to play some games on the green.

This stylish chain hotel is a great place to stay when travelling. You'll get a clean and comfortable room for the night, and there's also a free breakfast in the mornings. The hotel is located close to the test centre, but it's a 15-minute drive away by car. So if you're walking, it might be better to take a cab or bus instead.

Places to Celebrate

You did great on the theory test. Now you need to celebrate by going out for dinner. There are plenty of restaurants nearby. Try one of these places for a tasty meal.

This is a classic country pub. You'll be served up a wide range of beers and wines, as well as enjoying some great live music. There's also a beer garden if you fancy a drink or two.

A traditional pub located in the countryside is a great place to unwind after taking the theory test.

What is the theory test pass mark?

To pass the theory test, you must get at least 43 correct answers out of 50 multiple-choice questions. You must also pass the hazard perception test by scoring 44 out of 75 points.

Can I take my theory test online?

No. You must take the Theory Test at a Registered DVSA Theory Test Centre. Find a DVSA Theory Test Centre


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