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Second Floor
Grove House
3 Grove Place
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Driving Theory Test Centres in Swansea
Hello Swansea Learn Drivers! There will be detailed information about your local test centre, located just a short stroll from Swansea central police station. This guide covers everything you'll have to know about testing. We discuss passes rates, directions, near tests and much more!
Swansea Theory Test Centre
You must pass the DVSA driving theoretical examination to take the practical driving test. You may take the theoretical exam at any of the theory testing centres in England, Scotland and Wales, including Swansea. This short guide will tell you all about Swansea theory tests centre. There are many useful links here.
The theory testing will take place if the driver has a valid driver's license. It's also possible to book tests over the internet by phone. DVSA handles all theory testing bookings and Pearson Professional handles all Theory Testing. Please mention that you have reading difficulties and hearing problems when making your book. Book theory tests in person. Booking the theory tests is done by automated phone. You don't have to contact any person but you can talk to a DVSA representative with any questions.
Must Read About Swansea Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Swansea Theory Test
Theory Test Centre - Swansea address: Swansea. 2nd Floor Grove House. 3 Grove Place, Swansea SA1 5DF Book Theory Tests- DSA Swansea Test Centre. Please visit our site. How can I get online theory tests from Swansea Theory Test Centre? Find out more about Swansea driving test centre now. For online driving testing at Swansea theory testing centre, the following details must be provided. Swansea Theorietest Centre UK Driving theory testing in Swansea takes place in Grove Place on Grove House.
Train and bus terminals are usually just short strolls away from most theoretical testing facilities. Sunderland Railway Station Swansea Highstreet Station Swansea SA1 2NU station phone 0 888 866. Swansea Theory Test Centre is easily accessible with less than 3 miles of walking distance. If you arrive with a car: Parking is located on orchard street, a few minutes walk from the Theory testing centre.
If you can't attend the theory tests on the prearranged dates, the rescheduled tests can take place another day. For the cancellation or refund, please give us at least 3 days’ notice. Sundays are considered working hours.
How can I book my theory test at Swansea Theory Test Centre?
You can schedule an online test for a theory test at DVSA. Book a driving test from here. Reservations can be made quickly. All the tools required to pass the car or bike theory test are provided by our team.
DVSA will send you an email after you pay for the theory test. Although not necessary for a trip to the theory test center, an e-mail should be printed for the staff in case of any problem.
Where can I do my theory test in Swansea?
Swansea theoretical testing facility. Drive testing centres address. ... Toilet: Yeah.. ... Sunderland railway station. .. PlayStation phone number: 0845 606 16406. .... Parking lot is situated in Orchard Street, only 3 minutes from Theory Test Center. Book the Theory Test via email. ... Book your theoretical examination online.
Can you do theory test online?
What are the prerequisites for obtaining online theory testing? However the iPhone, iPad and iPhone are no longer available. Webcams and microphones for monitoring before and during testing.
How long is the waiting list for driving theory test?
In contrast to areas with a larger population density, drivers are generally waiting longer for tests in some cases. London testing centres usually require a wait time of 12 weeks or more.
Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?
Yeovil Somerset took a 77% pass rate ahead of Dorchester Dorset with 66% and Aberdeenshire 64.9 %. Lee on solent was fourth most easy with passing rates of 66.2% and Blyth of 64.3%.
How long is wait for driving test?
London's Test Centres have an average wait time of between 1 week and 3 weeks. The DVSA uses more driving examiners in dense areas, although tests can have limited numbers due to their small size.
Can I book my driving test straight away after failing?
Make sure the time for your driving re-takes is booked immediately. It should only last 10 days, so you have enough time for you improvement.
How long is the driving test waiting list?

Similarly, areas with larger population density generally have longer waiting periods for the tests. The London Testing Center generally has an average wait time of 12 weeks and longer.
What are the 4 maneuvers on a driving test?
How can drivers perform driving tests? ). Marina parking. One important maneuver is bay parking, which is usually used every time your auto is being operated. ... Forward bay parking. ... Parking at the opposite end of the beach. ... Parallel Parking. ... Pull up to right. ' Stopping emergencies. ... Practice is good. 

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