Aylesbury Driving Theory Test Centre

Aylesbury Driving Theory Test Centre Address

Unit 2a
Ground Floor Midshires Business Park
Smeaton Close

HP19 8HL
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HP19 8HL

Driving Theory Test Centres in Aylesbury

Aylebury has been relatively new in the industry since its opening in September 2016. The property is situated at one of the town's business parks on the outskirts. Although not central, it is also surprisingly close to the city center and major transport hubs, making it a convenient choice for residents and visitors alike. In the vicinity there are numerous other amenities that can help make your stay enjoyable. Continue the discussion for more information about testing centres. We have outlined passes and contact details as well.

Aylesbury Theory Test Centre

DVSA drivers must have passed their theory driving exam before booking their driving practical test. You can take theory tests from a number of theory testing centres in England and Wales including a theory test centre in Aylesbury. This short guide covers all of your questions about Aylesbury theory test centres. You can find information on Aylesbury Test Centre from the site.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Aylesbury theory test centre?

Online theory testing revision materials for learners in Aylesbury are incredibly useful to get you through driving in Aylesbury. How can I improve my driving skills? We are here to assist you when revising the parts for car, motorcycle part one, lorry part 2 or bus part 1 and 2. We'll teach you all your learning styles with revisions for a range of learning types. Moreover, this test is personalized so you will have everything necessary ready to take an exam. Do you think it will work? Check our sign up page for additional information. You can immediately enter the learning zones if you've joined.


Book a driving theory test from Pearson Professional British theory test centres is easily done through a method described below. DVSA manages theory test booking and Pearson Professional provides theory test booking. Ensure the booking is accurate if you suffer reading and hearing problems, help is available at the time of the test. Book your auto test online. Telephone reservations are automated so booking your tests is easy. If any issues come into your life, you can contact the staff.


Aylesbury Theory Test Center is about 30 minutes from Aylesbury station. Train station Aylesbury address Station Way West Aylesbury HP20 1RU Bus: When you arrive on the bus, there is one stop on Brimmer Way, about a four minute walk from the testing centre. Car parking: If you are coming to a test center by vehicle, the facility is for employees to drive in the opposite direction. The candidate may park at one point outside the business park along an adjacent road.

How do I get to Aylesbury Theory Test Centre?

It's important to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time for your theory exam in the theory lab. Tell me the best route to get to: Walking: When walking to a theory test centre there's a need to take A441. Afterwards go to Gathpuse Industrial Park and you will find Aylesbury Theory Testing Center. If traveling by motor vehicle, you can park your car at the nearest test site. The nearest train station is in Aylesbury (AYS) or in Aylesbury Vale Parkway.

Booking A Theory Test At Aylesbury Theory Test Centre

To book your theory exam visit the DVSA website and book online. Alternately, you can contact DVSA on booking phoneline 0300 111 223. If you book a Theory Test online you should: At the moment you book the Theory Test Center.. For the entire catalogue of the theoretical testing centers please click here. The national pass rate is 52%, and preparation is very important to make the theory test a good one.


After completing your Theory Test reservation, you will receive a confirmation email which will detail the timing and date for your tests. If you didn't receive an official notification from the DMV you can check the DVSA email. DVSA can be reached via their booking number for DVSA theory test bookings. Print and send a confirmation letter to AYLESbury Theory Test Centre if there is any problem.


Please let us know if you have to cancel your Theory Exam at Aylesbury within 3-5 days. In the event of no sufficient time, theory testing booking fees may be withdrawn by the customer. This information will allow you to cancel or schedule a Theory test booking in advance.

How to book your theory test at the Aylesbury Theory Test Centre

It is possible to book DVSA's theory tests directly. If you have questions please get in touch with our Driving School. The reservation process is simple. You will pass all the necessary theory tests in the motor vehicle & the bicycle as you need them.

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Book dsa theory test at Aylesbury easy and affordable. Make a quick and easy driving testing booking. . -


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Book your DSA Theory Test in Aylesbury Driving, hassle free! Use our fast, simple driving theory test booking service..

When booking your DSA theory test in Aylesbury Driving you'll need:

  • A valid debit/credit card for payment.
  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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