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S49 1HQ
Driving Theory Test Centres in Chesterfield

Chesterfield Theory Testing Centre is a very useful option for residents in North-East Derbyshire and elsewhere in Derbyshire. Situated near this lively Market Town, the Theory Test Centre offers several convenient transport connections as well a pass rate a little above the national average. Continue reading for information regarding Chesterfield Theory Testing Centres. We discuss the waiting periods, parking spaces, and the areas amenities.


Chesterfield test route Chesterfield drivers. Chesterfield driving test in Chesterfield will last around 40 minutes and may contain an eye examination, Show me, Tell me, 10 minutes of individual driving with a movement test. Your time has been scheduled for 10 minutes earlier. Chesterfield Driving Testing Centre - Located in busy streets. It's important to understand intersections, road crossings, and junctions in detail. Difficulty in steering a single direction system is likely to appear at drivers tests. Chesterfield driving test centre features busy roads and dual carriageways like the A12 and A406.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Chesterfield theory test centre?

Online revision resources are a quick way for learners in Chesterfield to take DVSA theory tests. We have a comprehensive range of products to help you pass the theory tests first time. We have revision materials for different learning styles. The course is also personalised for you, ensuring the students have all the necessary skills to prepare for their theoretical tests. Is it true? Check the signup page. Once logged into your account, your information is immediately available for use in our educational zone.

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Chesterfield Theory Testing Centre. A map of DSA Chesham Field Theory Test Centre can also be found here. How can you book online theory tests at Chesterfield Theory Test Centres? See nothing more and we can give you the details about Chesterfield Driver Training Centre. For driving tests online at The Chesterfield Theory Test Centre please follow the above information. Chesterfield theory testing centers are located in Corporation Street.


Reservation of theory exams is easy through automated phone service or via the internet. Take out a copy of your license and get them. The UK Theory Test is managed by the DVSA. Contact information for the Pearson Professional – the study instructor is provided in the booking area. Reservations for testing are available via automated phone calls. The Chesterfield Driving Theory Test section has detailed information on booking if required.


Theory testing sites are usually near train stations and often require only short walks. Chesterfield railway station corporation street Chesterfield 7UB Telephone: 08457844950. Chesterfield Theory Test Centre is a short walk away. Upon arrival: Limited parking space can be reserved just outside the Theory Testing Center. One more parking area can be found on Station Road.

How can I book my theory test at Chesterfield Theory Test Centre?

It's also possible to book the theoretical examination directly with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You are also welcome to take a driving theory test with the company. Reservations can be made quickly. Our team of professionals will give you everything you need to pass the Car Bike Testing.


When you can no longer attend your study session at the time of the reservation or date, you have the option to schedule it. The cancellation of an agreement is based on three working day notice in case of cancellation or refunds.


After booking your theoretical exam, the DVSA mailed you confirmation of the time of your test along with a reference number. In any situation, you should print the confirmation email for your testing.

Where do you take your theory test in Chesterfield?

Chesterfield theory test centre is located on the A61 (Rotherway). 

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