Exeter Theory Test Centre

Exeter Theory Test Centre Address

Renslade House (Suite 2)
Bonhay Road
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Exeter theory text centre is in Suite 2 of Renslade House on Bonhay Road. You shouldn't have a problem spotting Renslade House as it is a nine-storey building at the end of Bonhay Road. It is on the LHS, facing the River Exe. There is a car park nearby on Okehampton Street if you choose to drive to the test centre. Alternatively, Exeter St Thomas station is on the opposite side of the river and within easy walking distance. Exeter Central Station is a bit further away, but it will take you no more than 17-18 minutes to walk the distance.

The theory centre in Exeter had a good pass rate between April 2012 and March 2013. Of the 6,258 people who took their theory test in Exeter, 63.1% passed with flying colours. The pass rate has dropped to 55.3% since then, but this is still better than the national average.

We recommend that you book your theory test online when you are ready to test your skills. It is very easy to apply for a theory test online - all you need is a payment card and drivers licence number. Once the application has been successfully submitted, you will receive an email to confirm the day and time of the test. 

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