Cumnock Theory Test Centre

Cumnock Theory Test Centre Address

Ground Floor
Barhill Community Education Centre
Bank Ave
KA18 1PQ
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KA18 1PQ

Cumnock Theory Test Centre Address

For cars, motorcycles and HGVs/LGVs, the location is: Cumnock, KA18 1PW.

Cumnock Theory Test Centre Directions

Cumnock Theory Test Centre phone number is 0300 200 1222. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm please note we are not affiliated with the test centre and are unable give your feedback to them.

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Driving Theory Test Centres are located throughout the UK. You can use this page to find out how to book an appointment or to see if you need to take a specific course before taking your theory test.

Further information

You should take your practical driving test in Belfast or Dublin. There's a different service to find driving test centres in Northern Ireland.

Driving tests return to Cumnock

The DSA is bringing practical driving tests to Cumnock by July 2011. The driving test centre on Hall Terace closed earlier this year after the new multi-purpose test center opened in Ayr. As part of a national trial, plans to resume testing at the old test centre on Hall Terrance.

Ayrshire is one of seven areas across England, Scotland, and Wales in which intends (or plans) to try out a new approach to delivering driving tests, called a local approach. This means that people who want to take a driving test will be able to do so locally, instead of having to travel elsewhere.

Driving tests should be available at convenient places, and not just at test centres. Tests should be held in public buildings, and not just private ones.

Road safety minister Mike Penning wants to offer local services to help people pass driving tests. He says he wants to be flexible and innovative in providing driving tests. He also says he wants to reduce costs by making driving tests as easy as possible.


Country roads are the most dangerous roads in Britain. Drivers need to be careful when driving on them. There are many blind corners, speed bumps, and other hazards.

Driving will extend to villages outside Cumnock by use the A76 which features heavily on the tests. You'll be assessed driving safety, good control, and courteous to others. High-speed roundabouts off the A766 will also appear.

Bay parking manoeuvres are dependent on if there are bays available. If there aren't, then either turn in the road or reverse round a corner. Paralleling is also an option.


Driving tests cannot be booked through test centres directly. You must call the DVSA to book a driving test. There are two ways to do this: by phone or online. 

Booking your driving test online for the Cumnock Driving Test Center can be done easily. You can cancel or reschedule your driving test at Cumnok anytime. The DVSA can be contacted via email or phone number provided.


Driving test pass rates vary by test centre. You should check what your actual pass rate was before you take the next step.

What To Expect On The Day

Your instructor will be watching you closely during the test. Make sure you know how to drive well before taking the test. Don't forget to bring your provisional licence when you arrive at the test centre. You should arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment time.

You'll be tested on your eyesight first. Then you'll get two questions about car safety and maintenance. Finally, you'll drive around for twenty minutes. You'll be guided by the examiners, and you'll need to do one of the following tasks: "

You need to drive 20 minutes independently to get to your destination.

A Bit More About Cumnock

The location of Cumnock Test Centre was carefully chosen to ensure there were a wide variety of roads and features to use for testing. During rush hour, drivers should keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists.

Roundabouts are used throughout Scotland. There are many different types of roundabouts. In this example, we use an island type roundabout. This means that traffic coming off the main road must turn left or right onto the roundabout. Traffic going straight ahead must stay on the main road.



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