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Third Floor
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Phoenix Yard
Upper Brown Street
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Driving Theory Test Centres in Leicester

Leicester's Theory Testing Centre is handily situated in a very central location close to St George's church. It's your only possible way to take the theory examination in Leicestershire. Thankfully, good transport connections and numerous amenities can ease and even enrich the experience for you. Let us learn all the important facts and techniques in Leicester Theory tests.

Leicester Theory Test Centre

You should take a theoretical driving examination with the DVSA prior to booking the practice test. You may take your theory tests from any theory test centre in England, Scotland or Wales including the theory test centre in Leicestershire. Here is a brief overview of Leicester Theory Test Centre. We provide you with a number of useful resources.


Booking Theory Tests at UK testing facilities such as Leicester can also easily be accomplished with one of the methods outlined here. The company only accepts a copy of a valid provisional driver's license. The DVSA manages all testing bookings while Pearson Professional performs theory tests. For more contact information please consult booking forms found below. Book a theory test online: The online reservation system can make theory testing reservations at any UK test centre, including in Leicester. For questions or concerns, a person may contact the DVSA staff.

Must Read About Leicester Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Leicester Theory Test

Theory Testing Centre in Leicester. A map of DSA Leicester Theory Testing Centre is displayed here. Are you interested in registering for a theory exam at the Leicester Theory Testing Center? We'll give you the full information on Leicester Driving Theory Testing Centre. If you want to book online driving test for Leicester, the following information should be available.. Leicester Theory Test Centre. Driving theory tests in Leicester are performed in a centre called Rutland Halford Street.

Booking a theory test at Leicester Theory Test Centre

For books an online theory exam, you can visit this page on DVSA and book online. Alternately you may contact the booking service on 0300200 1122 from DVSA. When you book a Theory Test, you should make a decision about what center you are arranging your Theory Test. For details on any test centers you may find here, please click here. The pass rates for the National exam are 51.2%. It is important to prepare for the theory test in order to get an excellent score.

How do I get to Leicester Theory Test Centre?

To get into Leicester Theory Test Centre it is easy to get into Leicester then go to city centre. When you arrive at Theory Test Center you will find a parking place suitable for car drivers and motorcycle users. This guide is for getting into the Leicester Theory Testing Centre. Getting there – If you plan to get there you may be able to go to a public transport station or to a bus. Bring the time for the Theory Tests 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.


DVSA will send a confirmation to your email address after the theory tests have been completed. If you cant find this item, please check the trash folder. It confirms the test dates, date, address, and identifies your reference number. Although not necessary to take e-mails to theory tests centres, you may print them in advance for spotting any problem.


The nearest train station is often just a quick walk from most theoretical tests. Leicester Train Station, London Roads, Leicester, LE1 0QB. - 01457 25678. It takes 0.6 miles or 7 minutes walking to get to Leicester Theory Testing. Parking can be found in the Theory Test Center building on Halford Street.

How can I book my theory test at Leicester Theory Test Centre?

DVSA provides a free theoretical exam directly to drivers and motorists. It's possible for drivers in any city to get their driving theory from a qualified instructor. Bookings for our service can be made quickly. Let us provide you with the tools needed to pass the motorcycle and car theory test.


The theory examination will be rescheduled for another time and date or cancelled for monetary refund. Please give at least three business hours in advance if you wish to do that, including Saturdays.

Leicester Theory Test Centre Address

Driving Theory Testing Centre. Floor 3rd floor, Building A Phoenix Yard, Lower Brown Street, Leicester, LS 1 5AG Phone : 0200 2100 222.

Where do you take your theory test in Leicester?

Leicesters Theory Testing Centre is conveniently located right within city centre, just behind St George's Church. If a Leicester student plans on staying in the county for the theory tests that they will take, it is the best alternative.

What is the waiting time for theory test?

London tests are typically 12 or longer in duration.

Can you do your theory test online?

This version of the Chrome browser for Windows will no longer support any browser type. The system readiness check is done to make sure the computer is compatible and runs properly.

How can I cheat on my theory test uk?

It can be difficult to cheat on a theory exam. Those who choose to take part will receive answers from someone who is not in the classroom to answer the questions using earphones and tablets.

Can you do theory test online?

Here are some requirements for obtaining an online test. Unfortunately, the iPhone and tablet are not compatible. Webcams and microphones to monitor the performance during the testing.

Where can I take my theory test in Leicester?

Leicester's theory test center is conveniently situated in the heart of the town, near the Saint George Church. You can only go to Leicestershire for theory tests if you plan on staying there.

How long is the waiting list for driving theory test?

Generally, areas with higher populations however have shorter waiting periods for drivers' exams. Test centres in London for example have a 12 week waiting time.

Can you take your driving theory test online UK?

You are required to take a formal theoretical exam at all registered DVSA testing centres and you need to make a reservation. You could book a test on line at direct.gov.uk and you'd need the driver's number and e-mail address.

How long does it take to study for driving theory test uk?

We recommend learners spend 10 to 20 minutes reviewing the theory tests.

How long is the wait for driving test in Leicester?

A new report has revealed the average wait to take the road tests by learners is 14 weeks.

Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?

Yeovil Somerset finished the race with 67 percent, followed by Dorchester Dorset (66%) and Aberdeen South (66.1 %). Lee at the Solent had the third most passable pass rate at 63.8% followed by Blythe at 64.7%.

Is it hard to drive in Leicester?

A new study found people preparing for driving tests in Leicester have lower chances of passing the test than those who take the driving test in the town. Most drivers who pass the Cannock Street Centre test fail.

Where are driving theory test on in Leicester?

The Leicester Theory Test Centre is handily positioned at one of the best locations in the city, just behind St Georges church. You've got to be in Leicestershire to take the theory test, it's a very good choice.


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