Colchester Theory Test Centre

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Ground Floor
Block F
The Knowledge Gateway
Nesfield Road
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Colchester Theory Test Centre

It is necessary to pass the DVSA Driving Theories tests in order to have practical driving tests. You may take the theory tests from all theory centres in England, Scotland and Wales including the theory testing centre in Colchester. This guide contains all the necessary details for your Colchester testing centres. You can find a wide range of useful info on the Colchester Test Centre.

Colchester Driving Test Centre

This page provides contact information on a Colchester Driving Training Centre, test routes tips, test booking information and help to pass your driving examination in Colchester.


Rural road systems are expected to be used in practical tests. These roads are a major concern for drivers because of their speedy speed and difficult turns. See our driving lesson for more information. Another type of road includes road A which is the A134 and can be found at the Colchester Driver's Testing Centre. The test examiner will assess your aptitude at various intersections, roundabouts and tins, intersections and possibly laneways. 1. Manoeuvre is requested with the option to stop in emergency. Practical tests usually require 20 minutes of driving independently.

How do I get to Colchester Theory Test Centre?

Colchester's big city requires planning your travels. How can you find travel info? The centre is just outside the college. If you travel from downtown, you must input your postal code on a satcom device before going. When you arrive, you'll have to figure out how you'd park the car. The neighborhood houses have several street names but check the parking restrictions. Bus: When travelling on a bus, the steps should be to get to the bus station at the university or the knowledge gateway.

Booking a theory test at Colchester Theory Test Centre

To get an online booking your theory exam, visit this site. Alternately you may call DVSA. You can also choose the theory test centres in which you are booking a theory test. All test centers are listed on the following list. In fact there is a 51.4% nationwide passing rate, which means preparing yourself thoroughly for the theory test gives you the best chance for an excellent pass.


Practical Driving Testing Centre Address Grange Way Cochester Essex CO2 8HV test centre Details : Dedicated wheelchair access into the Colchester Driving Test Centre if wheelchair users require disabled parking in the testing centre. Male and female bathrooms are available on premises. A test centre offers testing of approved driving classes and parts two and three.


Driving testing is not accessible directly from testing centers. The online registration of a driver test can be arranged in two ways. Book an auto driving test at the Colchester driving test center online. This phone number is a computerized number and can be found by dialing the above. DVSA assistants are available if necessary. Get Online Test.

How to book your theory test at the Colchester Theory Test Centre

DVSA is an independent driving and safety agency that offers theory and practical training. We offer a variety of tests to learn driving theory. Bookings can be done online easily and quickly. We can provide you with everything you need to pass the car or bike theory test.


Driver test pass rates vary significantly depending on the testing center you take. See Driving Test Pass Rate section for details about your test centre pass rates.

Colchester Theory Test Centre Address

Driving Theory Test Centre. Floor, Block FT Knowledge Gateway - Nesfield Road, Colchester, C2 3QL. Téléphone: 0300 201 1122.

Is Colchester driving test easy?

Apparently, Colchester was one of the most difficult areas for taking standardized tests, with 69 percent passing in a year. Clacton has the highest percentage passing rate, with 63.8% passing from April 2019 to February 2019.

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When booking your DSA theory test in Colchester you'll need:

  • A valid debit/credit card for payment.
  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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