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Blackpool Theory Test Centre

You will require passing a theory driving course before taking a practical driving examination. There is a theory testing centre in England, Scotland or Wales, including the theory testing center in Blackpool. Listed below is everything that you should know regarding Blackpool Theory Test Centres. You can find a range of informational resources at Blackpool test centres.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Blackpool

Blackpool theory tests are held in a Technology Park near the seaside resort. This makes it especially handy if you're driving and you've been away from the bustling tourist areas. Read this information to make test day easy.


Theory testing centers are normally located close to trains and may require just a short walk. Blackpool Railway Station, BISHAM

How to book your theory test at the Blackpool Theory Test Centre

It is possible to book a theory test directly with DVSA. You may book the Driving Theory Exam for free on our website or on our site. We can book your reservation quickly. We give you all the information needed for passing your bike theory exam as well as the theory tests you need.


DVSA will email you confirmation of time and date of the testing with reference numbers. If you encounter problems during your theory tests the confirmation email will be sent back to the Blackpool theory test centre.


Theory Testing is possible to reschedule and cancel the test in order to obtain full refund. A refund is possible by giving at least a three-day clear written notice to cancel the scheduled date.

Is Blackpool theory test Centre closing?

Blackpool Driving Theory Testing Centres are closing. The learner should come from Preston. Drivers in Blackpool will now need to go to Preston in September for a test in Blackpool theory testing.

Where is the theory test Centre in Blackpool?

Blackpool Theory Tests are located near the busy centre so if your bus or taxi will take you to it then it might not be the right route to go.


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When booking your DSA theory test in blackpool theory you'll need:

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  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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