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Ground Floor
Campbeltown Town Hall
54 Main Street
PA28 6AB
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PA28 6AB


Campbeltown is a great place to take a driving test as it is close to the A483 road. There are many attractions around the town such as the water front, golf courses, museums, restaurants and pubs.

We want to give learners the most accurate information about how to pass their driving test. That's why we're compiling all the vital information you'll need into this handy guide. Join us as we explore the important facts about Campbeltown test centre.

How To Get There

Don't worry if you don’t know the roads around Campbelltown like the back of your hand, because your driving lessons are for that. You should use a sat-nav to get around the test centre. It’s easy as pie.

A Bit More About Campbeltown

Driving tests usually start in the city or town where the test centre is located. In this case, the driving test starts in the city of Campbeltown. There is a lot of traffic during the day because there are many businesses around the test centre. You need to be aware of these hazards while driving around Campbeltown.

Roads in this area are narrow, so you should drive carefully. You may be asked to perform a driving test maneuver. Emergency stops are required.

There are many ways to get around Campbeltown. You can use buses, trains or planes. You can also go by boat or car.

Campbeltown Test Pass Rates

The driving test is very easy. There are many different types of cars. The easiest car to drive is the Toyota Corolla.

Though it's down to individual opinions, we can get to bottom of it by looking into pass rates. We can also see how many people passed or failed the exam. This shows us that the exam isn't as easy as some people make it out to be.

As you can see in the above table, Campbeltown learners appear to have an even better chance of passing than those who attend other schools.

Campbeltown Driving Test Centre

This page provides you with useful information about our services. We offer a variety of tests including theory lessons, practical driving lessons, driving assessment, driving test preparation courses and much more. We also provide a free online test booking service. 


Practical driving test centre address is Crown buildings hall street campbeltown argyll and bute pa 28 6bd. Test centre details are special arrangements will be made for candidate with mobility impairment. male toilet available only. test centre provides tests for car.


Campbeltown Driving Test Centre has a lot of challenging roads. Rural roads are hard to drive because there are sharp corners and many curves. Village roads have narrow and difficult areas. Passing parked cars on small residential streets is tricky.

High-speed “A” roads are also present. For a better understanding of the different road types and traffic systems you might encounter during your test from the Campbeltown Driving Test Center, visit our driving test route section.


Try booking your test outside of peak time rush hour traffic. Avoiding stress during the test is important. Booking a test on weekends may increase costs. You can book your test through the centre, but you must book it yourself.

Booking a driving test online is easy. To book your driving test online, go to the book a driving test section for more information. Cancel or reschedule the driving test in Campbelltown if you want to cancel the driving test. A full refund is available if the driving test is cancelled within three clear working days. The above contact information is valid for this purpose. Take along both parts (paper and plastic) of your driving licence. You may be refused a driving test if you are not able to provide suitable proof of identity.


You can call the driving test centres directly by dialing the phone number listed on the website. Alternatively, you can use the driving test centre contact details provided here.

Test centres can be contacted only if there is an update about them. Driving test centres can be contacted in case of bad weather.



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