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 Driving Car Theory Test Centres in Leeds

The Leeds Theory Test Centre is a great place to study for exams. It is central to the city, and there are lots of places to eat nearby. There are plenty of things to do around here too.

Arriving at Leeds Theory Test Centre

Public transport is a great way to get around Leeds. You can take the train or bus to the theory test centre. There's a bus that goes directly to the test centre. Buses go along The Headrow, which is right next to the test centre. You can also catch a bus from the South Parade bus stop, which takes about two minutes to reach the test centre.

For more information about travel times and routes, check out the Leeds City Council website. You can plan your trip using the Sat Nav or you could use Google Maps. We recommend leaving enough time to get to the destination as the roads around Leeds can be busy at peak hours.

Parking the theory test centre itself doesn't provide on site parking, however, there are plenty of other alternatives. We'd recommend The Light car park as it's close by and costs £6 for two hours. You'll also be very lucky if you don't get a space. Next up is Albion Street, which costs £6 for two hour and is a four minute walk away.

Before you start

You must have lived in England for at least 185 days within the last 12 months before taking your theory or driving test, or else you won't be allowed to drive. For car and motorcycle tests, you'll need to pass both parts of the test. For lorries and buses, you'll need to get a score of 70% or higher on Part 1a (multiple choice), and then pass Part 1b (hazard perception).

You should be aware that there may be a fee for this service. Please let us know when booking your test if you have any difficulties.

Pass Rates by Year

Pass rates are an indicator of how well people are doing in school. In this case, the pass rate is lower than the national average. However, it's important to remember that these results aren't really meaningful because there is no standardized testing system. No matter where you go, your driving skills will always be tested in the same way.

Guides and Tips

Eager to pass the theory exam and move on to the second stage in your driving journey. You'll need to study hard and revise well if you want to be a success first time. It's certainly worth checking out some study guides that can help you to become test ready. Here are a few we've found to be useful:

The official DVSA theory test app for iOS is safe driving for life. You'll be tested on your knowledge of road signs, vehicles, traffic lights, and other important topics. Your results will help you pass or fail the theory test.

Nearby Theory Test Centres

Bradford Forster Square is the nearest train station to the test centre. There are buses available to take you to the test centre from here. Bradford Forster Square is also close to Harrogate, which is another popular location for test centres.

A hop, skip and a leap across the road (remembering to wait for the green light) from the theory test centre you'll find the ideally located Radisson Blu hotel. It's situated right next to a shopping and entertainment complex. Bars, restaurants and lots of fun are right on the doorstep!

For those who enjoy fine dining, the Dakota Deluxe Hotel offers a wide selection of delicious dishes. You'll be treated to an elegant atmosphere and great service. Relax and unwind in the luxurious lobby bar or retreat to your room and make yourself comfortable.

A Travelodge hotel is a cheap place to stay. You'll get a clean room, and a decent bed. But there won't be any fancy extras.

Places to Celebrate

Leeds is a great city to party in. There are many things to do here, including drinking, partying, and dancing. You should try out some local delicacies before heading back home. Here are some of our favorite places to eat and drink:

- "The White Swan" - A pub serving traditional British dishes.

- "The Black Bull" - An Irish bar serving Guinness and other beers.

- "The Red Lion" - A pub serving English cuisine.

- "The Golden Fleece" - A pub serving American fare.

Enjoy beer, chicken and burgers. This place is for you. There's even a few vegan choices for the non-meat eaters. Celebrate your success at the Thewlis Cocktails Lounge. You're sure to be impressed by the decor, selection of cocktails and friendly staff.

A pub with great food and drink. It's a short walk from the theory test center.

Leeds Theory Test Centre Address

Leeds Theory Test Centre for cars, motorcycles and HGVs/LGVs is located in the city of Leeds.


There are two options available when driving to the test centre. You can either go to The Light underground car park (which costs £6) or the multi-storeys on Albion Street (which cost £6). Both are about a 4 minute walk from here.


Leeds City Bus Station is on the main road and is close to the test centre. A bus takes about 10 minutes to get there.


The station is about a nine-minute walk to the test centre, which is 0.4 mile away. The train station is New Station Street, Leeds LS1 4DY.

What is the theory test pass mark?

The pass mark for the car test is 86% (43/50). To pass the test you must get at least 43 correct answers. You must also pass the hazard perception test. You must score 44 out of 75 points to pass the test.

Can I take my theory test online?

No. You must take the Theory Test at a Registered DVSA Theory Test Centre. Find a DVSA Theory Test Centre

What is the waiting time for a theory test?

Waiting times vary between different centres. You should try to book as soon as you know you want to take the test.

Book a test online

You need your: UK driving license number. email address. Credit or Debit Card.

When you do not need a theory test

You must pass a theory test before taking a driving test to upgrade your license. An automatic vehicle license allows you to drive any type of vehicle, but you must be careful when driving a large vehicle.

From minibus to bus. Any license to tow a trailer. You do NOT need to take a theory exam before booking a car.

When you do not need a theory test

You should pass your theory test before booking a tractor test. You should also pass your theory test before upgrading from an automatic vehicle to a manual vehicle. You should also pass the lorry and trailer test when you've got a lorry license. You should also pass a bus and trailer test when you're driving a bus or trailer.

When you've got a medium lorry license, you're allowed to drive a lorry up to 12 tonnes. When you've got a minibus license, you're allowed a minibus up to 4.5 tonnes.

Book a test to upgrade your licence

You must call the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVLA) if you need an upgrade test, such as automatic car to manual car, or a medium sized lorry to a large truck. Call them on 0300 200 1122 Monday to Friday, 8am until 4pm. Find out about call charges.


You can book a theory test at any test centre in the UK. You'll need information from your provisional driving license. The DVSA deals with the management of all theory test bookings, while Pearson Professional conducts them. Both organisations' contact details can be found under the 'booking' section of this page.

A telephone booking service is available at all UK test centres. An option to speak to a member of staff is also available. You can book a theory test via the web too.


You can reschedule your theory test for another day if you want. You can also get a refund if you want. Please give us at least 3 working days' notice before cancelling your theory test.


You should be getting an email confirming your booking. Check your junk/spam folder first. If you still can't find it, try contacting us directly by phone or via our website. We'll do everything we can to help!


Allow yourself plenty of time to get to Leeds Theory Test Centre. You need to make sure you're there before the allotted time. Your provisional driving licence photo card needs to be taken with you.

You need to take your license with you when you go out driving. If you lose your license or forget it, you'll have to pay £10 to get another one. If you're going to sit the theory test, you need to bring your passport along too.



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