Lincoln Theory Test Centre

Lincoln Theory Test Centre Address

Queensgate House (1st flr)
Silver Street
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Lincoln Car Theory Test Center

If you need to take a driving theory test in the Lincoln area, then this is the test centre that you will need to visit. This is a fully compliant, DVLA approved testing centre, the only one of its kind in the area, and is more than capable of testing you in driving theory.


Pearson Professional Centre
1st Floor, Queensgate House
12 Silver Street


Contact Information

Unfortunately, the test centre itself does not have a contact number for candidates, thus one will not be handed out on request. Consequently, you will need to go to the DVLA‘s main switchboard to speak to someone with a question or query. The number to do this is printed below.

0300 200 1122


If you are attempting to travel to the test centre by car, then the nearest parking facility is located a minutes walk away. Alternatively, you have the central bus station, which is located 0.4 miles from the test centre, and the link of the train station, which is located 0.3 miles away from the town centre.

Booking Your Driving Theory Test

You do not need to book in a driving theory test as we will do this for you. We have plenty of experience at communicating with the DVLA on your behalf, and so we will be happy to organise a booking in, as well as offer free rebooking in the event that you do not pass on the first attempt

About the Driving Theory Test

The driving theory test is designed to give you a well rounded education in the different theoretical elements of driving. Everything that you need to know is contained within this test, and will make sure that you are just as safe behind the wheel as if you were fully trained in driving a car.

The test itself is made up of two parts. The first part is a multiple-choice quiz, where you will answer a variety of questions about driving theory, and the second part is a simulation, where you will be asked to respond and react to different road hazards.

Taking the Test

Please make sure that you arrive 15 minutes early to the test centre, as this will make sure that you are not considered to be a late applicant, and thus cannot be failed for being late.

You will be asked to put all of your belongings into a secure storage locker, please comply with this request. If you attempt to take anything with you into the testing room, this will be considered attempted cheating, and will result in an instant fail.

After the Test

Once the test has been completed, you will be asked to collect a piece of paper which will contain your results. You will know automatically whether you have passed or failed, as well as getting a detailed breakdown of your scores in each area.

Lincoln theory test centre is on the first floor of Queensgate House on Silver Street. The good news is that the theory test centre is only a short walk from the station in Lincoln. It's a distance of approximately 0.3 miles, so allow a time of around 8 minutes to cover the distance. If you prefer to drive to the test centre, don't worry about parking, as there are several car parks in the immediate vicinity. You also have the option of catching the bus into Lincoln if you live reasonably close to Lincoln - buses stop on Silver Street regularly.

59.4% of the 5,271 candidates who took their theory test in Lincoln between 2012 and 2013 passed, which is a good figure when compared to the rest of the UK. Sadly the pass rate dropped to 54.2% between April and December 2013, although women fared better than men overall - 56.8% of female candidates passed whereas only 51.7% of men were successful.

To book your theory test online, grab a payment card and your driver's licence number and make sure you have a few minutes spare to fill in the online form. Booking online enables you to select a free slot at the theory test centre of your choice. It is really easy to fill in the form and email confirmation is instant. 

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When booking your DSA theory test in Lincoln you'll need:

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  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

Please click here for a map to this test centre.

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