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Stockport Theory Test Centre

You must take DVSA driving theory tests for practical drivers before registering for a practical driving test. The theory tests can be performed in the theory testing centres throughout Britain, Scotland, and Wales, including Stockport theory tests. These guides provide the most important information for stockport theory test centers in stockport. You will find a lot of helpful tips and advice here.


It only requires that you obtain a preliminary driving licence and you only need the following information. You can book the theoretical test using any of the methods described here. Pearson Professional conducts theory testing as well as handling DVSA-issued theory testing. Please mention any difficulty with reading as it may affect your hearing. Book theory tests by telephone. Reservation of theory tests can take place via automated phone line.

How do I get to Stockport Theory Test Centre?

Getting to Stockport Theory Testing Centre is a tough place for someone from a different city who hasn't taken any Theory Tests. Below are some travel tips to make Stockport Theory Test Center easy to understand. Achieve the A6 road and turn east to locate the Theory Test Centres. Car: The closest park for a vehicle to be parked in is Churchgate parking, the NCP Car Park. Buses: For bus passengers there are buses at St Petergate Station.


Train stops and buses often have a short distance from most theory centers. Bus stopsThere are bus services from Wellington Road North / Wellesleyhouse. Stockport Theory Testing Centre is 0.1 mile away from bus stops. Telephone: General information concerning your test booking. Arriving in your vehicle: Heaton Lane Car Park is about 8 minutes walk from the theory testing center.


After your book has been made, DVSA e-mails will be sent out. Make sure your junk mail isn't received. This email confirms the test appointment, as well as providing a reference number for your test. Although not essential to travel to an experimental laboratory, it is recommended that you print the email in order to tell the center personnel if any problem arises.

How to book your theory test at the Stockport Theory Test Centre?

Those with technical problems may book their theory exam with a professional testing center in the state. We can arrange a theory driver's exam with you. Booking online is fast and simple. You'll receive everything required to pass a motorcycle theory exam and you will also pass many other theory exams.


Your theory testing will be rescheduled for a different date and time. This requires at least a minimum of three days of work (including weekends).

Stockport Theory Test Centre. Address

Driving Theory Testing Centre. Floor 1 St Peter Square, Stockport, SK1 1NZ. Phone number: 00200 1122.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Stockport theory test centre?

Driving Theory Four All Online Theory tests are an easy, quick and intelligent way to help learners pass the DVSA theory testing tests. Our experts can assist you in preparing for your auto part 1 or motorcycle part 2 or bus part 2 to enable you to pass the theoretical exam. Our revision materials are designed for a variety of learning styles. The test is tailored specifically to you so that you have all of the knowledge you require to pass the theory test quickly. Is that right? Please visit the signup page for more information. When you register for a free course, you can get a free online lesson on the site for a small fee.

Booking a theory test at Stockport Theory Test Centre

If you are interested in a theory test please visit this site. Book your theory test online 24 hours a day. If this does not work then you should use the DVSA reservation telephone number 00201001122. When arranging your tests ensure you select the theory testing centre at the moment that you wish the theory exam to take. The list of the testing centers are listed below. This will ensure you get the best chance for first-time passes. There are many helpful theory sources available on this web site, 

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When booking your DSA theory test in Stockport you'll need:

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  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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