Truro Theory Test Centre

Truro Theory Test Centre Address

Palace Buildings Public rooms
Quay Street
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Would you like to take your theory test in Truro? Of over 6300 people who did last year, 53.4% passed, which is above the national average. Both men and women did better than average, in fact, so clearly the people of Truro know their stuff when it comes to the Highway Code!

The Truro theory test centre is very easy to find - it's located within the Palace Buildings on Quay Street, almost opposite Truro College. The bus station is very close by, and is an ideal option if you're coming to the test centre from out of town. The train station is about a 15 minute walk away, though the main shopping area and past the cathedral.

If you're heading in by car, head for the car park in Old Bridge Street, which is just a couple of minutes from the theory test centre on foot.

Allow plenty of time for revision before you take your test. If you book your theory test online today with us, we'll send you a confirmation within minutes, giving you time to relax and work out how to complete your preparation in good time. 

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