Bradford Theory Test Centre

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Suite 1
First Floor
Auburn House
Upper Piccadilly
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Driving Theory Test Centres in Bradford

Bradford Test Centre is located just on the edge of the town making it easy for people to get there. There are many important contact details including telephone numbers, email addresses and postal codes. This test centre also offers local amenities such as coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and bars. To learn more about this West Yorkshire testing centre, read on!

Bradford Theory Test Centre Directions

The venue itself sits on the 2nd floor of Auburn House, in suite 1. The main entrance is the door located on the apex of upper piccadilly and piccadilly. Please be aware that the site is opposite shares property auctions.

Arriving at Bradford Theory Test Centre

Bradford theory test centre is conveniently located in the middle of both Bradford Central Station and Bradford Interchange. It's easy to get there by train or bus. You should arrive at Bradford Forster Square first, then take the next train to the test centre. Or, you could go straight to Bradford Interchange, then take the next bus to the test centre.

Bus stops are located near the test centre. There are three bus stops nearby. From more detailed information about public transport, go to the Bradford Council website.

Parking is available outside the centre. Prices are only available on the days from the pay and display machines. However, this is probably the most convenient option. There is also an alternative nearby - Burnett Street car park. Here you'll be paying £1.20 per hour for 2 hours of parking (which is cheaper than the centre).


Parking facilities are located near the test centre. You may park your vehicle there for £0.60 an hour. The parking facility is about 0.2 miles away from the test centre. It takes 4 minutes to get there by foot.


Bradford Interchange is situated on bridge street and takes about 11 minutes to walk the half mile to the test centre.


Bradford Interchange Train station is approximately 0.6 miles away from the test centre. It takes 11 minutes to get there by foot. The test centre is located on the first floor of the building called Caspian House.

Pass Rates by Year

Bradford's pass rate has increased slightly since last year. This shouldn't put you off taking your exam here. All centres offer the same test, and their results simply reflect the success of those who take the test. Your score is down to you and nobody else.

Bradford Forster Square Car Park

The cost of using the train services is reduced by 50% when parking at this car park. The car park operates on Saturdays and Sundays, but there is no reduction in the cost of tickets.

You'll be able to pay using either cash or credit card. The contact number remains the same, but the location ID changes. If you're not planning to use the train network, please refer to the location ID, 35729. Otherwise, if you are, please use the location ID, 357404. Although Bradford Station is just a short walk away from the venue, we recommend leaving via the station's lengthy exit route. Turn right on Cheapside and proceed northbound towards Upper Piccadilly. Turn left and the venue should be approximately 20 metres up on your left hand side.

What is the theory test pass mark?

You must get at least 43 correct answers in order to pass the car theory test. You must score 44 points in order to pass the hazard perception section of the test.


Bradford Interchange Train Station is about 0.5 miles away from Bradford Theory Test Centre, and there is pay-and-display on street parking available directly outside the test centre.


A theory test booking is done by the DVSA. You can book either online or over the phone. Your email address will be used when you book your theory test. Pearson Professional conducts the theory tests.

Book a theory test by telephone

Book a theory test online The easiest way to book a theory test is by going online. You can choose when you want to take the test, and what time slot you want to be tested in. To book a theory test in Bradford, go to


You'll receive confirmation of your theory test time & date and reference number by email after completing booking. Although not essential it's advised that you print this email and bring it along to your theory exam to aid if any complications arise.


Bradford Theory Test Centre is located in Bradford city centre. You should arrive at the test centre before 8am to ensure you get into the test. Your provisional driving licence must be valid for at least six months after the date of your test. You must bring two pieces of photographic identification (for example passport or national identity card) when you attend the test.

How To Get To Bradford Theory Test Centre

When you're going to a theory test, make sure you get there early enough to avoid missing your appointment. Here are a few things to remember when driving or walking to your theory test: Walk: If you plan to take the bus, you will need to book your ticket in advance. You will need to go to the bus station, and then head towards Eastbrooke. Then you will need to turn left onto the road you will need in East parade. If you are east Bradford town centre, you are in the correct place. Bus: If you plan to drive, you will need to leave plenty of time to reach the theory test centre. You will need to leave plenty time to reach the theory testing centre. You will need a valid driving licence and insurance. Driving: If you plan to use public transport, you will need to buy a train ticket in advance. You'll need to go to the train station, and then head toward Eastbrooke. Then turn left onto the road that you will need in East parade. If you are east of Bradford town centre, you're in the right place.

There are two ways to get there. Either by car or by bus. If you're going by car, you'll need to leave the shipley airely road onto peckover street. Then you'll need to find some car parking space in bradford. If you're going on the bus, you can either take the number 7 bus, or the number 8 bus. Both buses stop near the theory test centre.

You must get your provisional license before taking the theory test. Otherwise, you won't be allowed to take the theory test.

Booking A Theory Test At Bradford Theory Test Centre

To book your theory test you need to go to the DVSA's website or call them directly. You can also choose other nearby theory test centres if there aren't any near you.

The pass rate is 51.1%. This is the same as last year. You should be prepared for your theory test.




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