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Driving Theory Test Centres in Mansfield

For those living in Northwest Nottinghamshire, the nearest theory testing station can be found at Mansfield. This charming market town provides a perfect alternative to Nottingham's busy hub (you have one alternative to attempting the theoretical tests in the county) yet enjoys an easy central location. It's an essential book for anyone interested in learning how Mansfield theory is taught. Get us through the important details including contact details, queue times, rates, tickets and much more!

Mansfield Theory Test Centre

This page highlights Mansfield Pearson Professional Theory Test Center contact information and services offered and to help you book and pass your theory test. Driver Theory Test Centre address 33-34 Rosemary Street Mansfield Nottingham NG 18 1QL Toilet: Yes Disabled access: Translator Booth: No Welsh Online: No.


Booking a theory test at an international testing centre in England is easily done through either method described below. Just get a copy of a driver licence for this purpose and get in touch with us. During the booking, make sure you mention the difficulty in speaking. The Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVA) handles all tests booking, while Pearson Professional manages theoretical and practical tests. Contacts for this organisation can be found on the Booking Page below. Book Theory Testing Online - The Book of Theory Testing can be done through automated services.

Must Read About Mansfield Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Mansfield Theory Test

Mansfield Theory Test Center. Address: Mansfield, 32-24 Rosemary St, Mansfield, NG18 2QL book theory tests - DSA Mansfield. Test Centre. Please visit the map. DSA Mansfield Theory Testing Centre. Are there any plans on booking a theory exam at Mansfield Theory Testing Centres? Find out more at the Mansfield Driving Theories Testing Centre. If you want a driving theory online test in Mansfield Theory Testing Centre, below is the information you need. The Mansfield Theory Testing Centre UK Driving theory test in Mansfield will take place on Milton Rd in Ambrose House.


DVSA sends email instead of letter in order to confirm your theory testing reservation. Check the correct e-mail address to confirm your address and date for your theory tests. If you don't receive any emails, you can go straight into your junk folder. Although not required for taking to a theory testing centre, a printed e-mail will prove helpful to staff when a problem occurs.


Train stations are often within walking distance to most theoretical testing centers. Railway station Mansfield Rte. Mansfield, NG 18 0LP Station. Telephone: 0845 71215688. From this station Mansfield Theory Testing Centre can easily be reached within one kilometre or in 9 minutes. An entrance is available from Walkden Road, just 1 minute walk from the Test Centre.


If your theory test can't be completed in Mansfeld, the test can be rescheduled. You can re-schedule the theory exam at a convenient time or cancel the exam at a later date. Weekends will also be working days.

What is the wait time to book a theory test?

Typically the waits for theory tests last 2-3 days, although they are longer in more hectic places.

Can you do theory test online?

This is what you need to do for online theory testing: Computers running Windows 8+. Unfortunately, the iPhone and Mac don't work properly. A webcam and mic to monitor your test.

What is the pass mark for theory test 2020?

The theory test passes with 86%, therefore 43 out of 50 questions must be properly answered for success. This session covers subjects like alerting, safety, road signs and a lot more. More than 700 questions are in our official database and therefore you should have an extensive knowledge!

How long is the wait for a theory test?

Test centres around London generally wait 12 weeks or longer. Although there have been more driving examiners employed for DVSA in the most urban areas, test centres' ability is limited for each test.

Can I book my driving test straight away after failing?

Do not delay booking the drive test again. There must be at least 10 days to improve what you have been struggling to solve in a previous test.

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