Hastings Theory Test Centre

Hastings Theory Test Centre Address

Unit 4
Ground Floor
Phillips House
Ponswood Industrial Estate
Drury Lane
St Leonards-on-Sea
TN38 9BA
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TN38 9BA

Hastings Theory Test Centre Address

The test centre is located in St Leonards, Hastings.

Hastings Theory Test Centre Directions

Parking is available outside the test center. Ponswood Industrial estate is not on a bus line.

Arriving at Hastings Theory Test Centre

Public transport isn't usually the easiest or fastest option when travelling around town. However, if you're taking a trip to Hastings, then hopping off at the Pons Wood Road bus stop is probably the best option. You'll need to get off at the Roosevelt Court bus station, but that's a short walk away.

Those travelling by train can get there, but it will require quite a long walk. The closest station to the test centre is St Leonards Warrior Square, from which it will require 27 minutes on foot to reach your destination. For further information about the transport links connecting these areas, please have a look on the Hasting Borough Council website.

There are very limited parking options available near the theory centre. You should park nearby if possible. Because there aren't many parking spaces, you may be forced to walk quite a distance to reach the theory centre.

The nearest car park to Hastings is the St Leonards warrior square car park. It costs £4.70 per hour. You need to book your spot online before travelling.

For a better chance of securing your parking spot, you should go to the Travelodge car park on Bohemia road. It's 45 minutes away from the test centre, and has 58 spaces. You'll pay £3 for two hours of parking.


The independent driving test guide explains the different types of roads that the examiners will take you on during your test. You should prepare yourself by looking at the route maps beforehand.


Driving tests are conducted throughout the day. You should try to avoid rush hours when taking your test as this could cause problems. Choose a time that you feel comfortable with while driving. Try to take your test during daylight hours if possible. See the options below.

Driving tests are conducted by the DVSA, and you can book them over the phone or online. You can find out about the nearest test centre by calling this number.

You must give 3 days' notice before you want to cancel your driving test. You must also give 3 days' notice if you want to reschedule.

Hastings fact file has been updated!

The downside of theory test centres located on industrial estates is they tend to be quite distant from the action. Case example: This test centre is a 27 minute walk away from Saint Leonards Warrior Square train Station, which is the nearest Rail Option. You might think that driving to your test solves this problem, But that’s not exactly true. Let the driver knows that the Postcode you’re going to is TN38 9B and they should be able too get there just fine. Also tell them that it’s better to just drop you off then come back later. Parking Options in this area are scarce, the nearest option – Saint Leonards Warrior Square Car Park (TN37 6HL) – is a 27 minute walk Away and charges £4.7 for two hours of parking. It only has 26 spaces, So you need to hope they haven't all been taken before you Arrive.


The station is approximately a 24-minute walk from the test centre. Kings Road is the nearest road to the test centre. The train station address should be St Leonards Warrior Square. The test centre is located on an industrial estate.

Pass Rates by Year

The pass rate at Hastings was higher than the national average recently. This doesn't mean that you're more likely to pass your theory test here than somewhere else. You should be aware that the pass rate at Hastings is high because the test is easy. Don't let this discourage you!

Mock tests are a great way to see how well you prepared for the real thing. You should take them before taking the actual test.

Take a look at the resources listed below to help you prepare for your theory test. Official DVSA for iOS Safe Driving for life Theory Test Rundown: what to expect on the day.

Nearby Theory Test Centres

A coach and horses is a horse-drawn carriage used by wealthy people. Pass rates are shown as percentages.

What is the theory test pass mark?

The pass mark for the car test is 86% (43/50). You must answer at least 43 questions correctly to pass this section. You also need to get 44 points on the hazard perception test to successfully complete the entire test.


Train stations are usually located near theory test centres. Kings Road train station is about 25 minutes'

BOOK walk away from Hastings Theory Test Centre, and Book there is on-street parking nearby.



Booking a theory test at Hastings Theory Test Centre is easily completed via one method or another. Before making a booking ensure you have your driving license at hand as you'll need some information from this. The DVSA (Driven and Vehicle Standards Agency) manages all UK theory test bookins. Telephone and e- mail contact details of Pearson Professional conducting the theory tests can be found in the booking section.


Allow yourself plenty of time to get to Hastings Theory Test Centre. Turn up late may result in being refused entry and losing the test booking fee. You need to bring your provisional driving licence plastic photocard with you when you go to Hastings Theory Test Centre for your test.

You need a valid UK passport to sit the theory test. If you don't have a valid UK passport, you won't be allowed to take the theory test. Contact the DVLA if you've lost your licence.


Driving test centres have different pass rate statistics. You should choose a test centre that is close to you.


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