Driving Theory Test Booking Right
 All countries require learners to take and pass theory driving test before the practical tests. This test helps to perk up the safety of new drivers by making them keen on road safety and the appropriate driving attitudes required for busy roads. The theory tests, designed by DSA (Driving Standards Agency) decrease the risk of accidents by making drivers more attentive of their surrounding as well as the habits of other users. This is an informative article on all a learner needs to know about theory driving tests, especially before booking theory driving tests.

Governments issue this test in several centers for learners in different driving schools. The driving theory test includes a hazard perception and a multiple choice assessment. Learners can book theory driving test in three ways.

Currently, learners are more inclined to book theory driving tests online through the DSA website. This is because of the ease and convenience associated with online bookings compared to other ways of booking. A learner will need a valid debit or credit card and their driving license number to book online.

People also book theory driving tests by telephone, while others do so by post. In addition to this, driving schools offer the test booking services at a fee. Online booking is secure, fast and convenient as it is available twenty four hours, every day. If a learner prefers telephone booking, they must do so at an appropriate time. In most centers, service representatives are only available Monday through to Friday as from eight in the morning to six in the evening.

The advantage with telephone theory test booking is that the representative books and immediately confirms appointments so learners get prompt response, and prepare for the test well.
Alternatively, learners may download their applications from the DSA website, fill and send them by post. When making a booking, learners must ensure to use their complete name as displayed on their identification documents.

This is important because if there is a mismatch, they will not be permitted to take the tests and will lose their submitted fee. Additionally, learners must have valid and authentic documents before booking theory driving test.

There are different acceptable identification requirements for different driving categories. Ensure you are aware of the supplementary IDs required for your driving category. It is also mandatory that a learner obtains two similar color passport photographs.

Avoid failing the test by ensuring you are ready and knowledgeable about the likely questions that you may meet on the test .This should be done before booking theory driving test. It is easy that learners may be confused on where to obtain relevant study resources. Learners can first opt for test tips and advice from their instructors.

The instructors have experience and may offer useful tips, hints or support when taking the test. Driving instructors may also provide advice on where learners can purchase resources for the test.

Lastly, in case a learner needs to cancel their driving theory test booking, they must provide the DSA a three days notice of cancellation.

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