Bournemouth Theory Test Centre

Bournemouth Theory Test Centre Address

Third Floor
Roddis House
4-12 Old Christchurch Road
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Bournemouth Theory Test Centre

You should have passed the DVSA driving theory test before booking the practice driver test. You are able to take theory tests from the theory testing centres of England, Scotland and Wales, notably the theory test centre Bournemouth. This brief Guide provides all the necessary information on Bournemouth Theory tests. You'll find many useful tips on Bournemouth testing centres and other tests here.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Bournemouth

The complete guide to the Bournemouth Theory Testing Center is provided here. Learners in East Devon should listen in. This is our guide to prepare for your theoretical exam in this beautiful seaside town if necessary. Continue reading for more information about wait times, passes and other facilities around the city!


DVSA handles DVSA's theory testing booking for you to complete. All theoretical exams booked with the British Government by the DVSA are dealt with by the agency. You have the choice between booking online or in person. For a theory exam your licence number will be needed. Pearson Professional performing a theory test. E-mail contact info is available on our booking page for specific bookings. Booking a theory test in person is easy to arrange by phone for all British theory tests.

Must Read About Bournemouth Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Bournemouth Theory Test

Theory Test Centre - Bournemouth - Address. I am looking for theory online at Bournemouth Theory Test Center. No more searching. We have all the information on Bournemouth Driving theory testing. For online testing at Bournemouth Theory Test Centre you must follow the links below. Bournemouth Theory Test Centre. British Driving Theory Testing is carried out on Old Christchurch Road in Roddis House.


Theory testing centers usually locate close by the railway station and usually only require a short walk. Bournemouth train Station Holdenhurst Avenue, Bournemouth BH8 8H. Station telephone number: 0445 605 600. Train stations can be accessed from Bournemouth Theory Test Centre. Arrive in a car: Pay & display park is available on Hinton Road or Westover Road, a short walk from Theory tests.

How can I book my theory test at Bournemouth Theory Test Centre?

You can book your theory examination through the National Highway Traffic Safety Board (NHTSA). You can book the Driving Tests on our website too. We can arrange reservations for you quickly. We can help you pass any theory test on a car or bicycle and any other theory test needed.


The DVSA e-mail confirmation if your theory testing date is not confirmed by the DVSA. In the event of complications please print a confirmation email and bring this along with you to Bournemouth Theory Testing Centre.


Your Theory Test dates may change but you have at least three clear working days to notify us. Three working days' advance is required for cancellation of your test and refund.

You must have a preliminary license to book your theoretical test, and you must be 18 or older. In the case where a person receives the mobility component from a person's personal independence payment, the person can then complete a theory test aged 16.

Where is the driving theory test Centre in Bournemouth?

The testing center is in Bournmouth at the Old Christchurch Road in Roddis House. The center is on 3rd floor. It is very straightforward and convenient to get into the Bournemouth Theory Test Centre by car or train - many local buses run near Bournemouth Square.




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When booking your DSA theory test in Bournemouth you'll need:

  • A valid debit/credit card for payment.
  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

Please click here for a map to this test centre.

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