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Salford Theory Test Centre

DVSA drivers must be passed to take a practical driving test. You may have the theory testing done anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales including the theory testing centre in Salford. This brief guide covers all aspects of a Salford theory test centre. If you are looking for a testing centre in Salford then we can offer some useful advice.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Salford

It lies right in the heart of Salford Quays and provides theory testing for people living throughout Greater Manchester and nearby areas. Do we need further details? We cover passes prices, phone numbers, parking and everything else you need on this adventure!


All the required information is required when completing a theory test booking and the driver's license, just a couple of things from there. Book the theory tests using the two options described below. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency manages the booking of theoretical tests and Pearson Professional conducts theory tests. If you're experiencing reading or hearing difficulties, please contact the hotel for further help during the exam. Book theory testing online Booking of theory examinations is done using automated telephone lines.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Salford theory test centre?

DVSA online theory exams revising material can assist drivers in Salford in achieving their theory exams. We are here to help you get through your first theory exam with confidence. No matter what your learning style, we offer revisions based on your learning style. Personalized and individualized to make sure you have everything you want to prepare for the theory tests in no time. Do things seem right? Please see your profile for further details. After joining, you can easily get enrolled in the online learning area.

Must Read About Salford Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Salford Theory Test

Theory Testing Centres- Salford address: Salford Unit 1A, Sovereign Point 31, quay, Salford Quay, Salford. I am planning on booking my theory exam online at Salford Theory Testing centre? We have all the facts about Salford Driving Theorie Test Centre. If you need help booking online theory tests in Salford theory testing centre, here are some of the important info you require. Salford - Theory Test Center. Driving Theory Test at Salford is done at Quay at Sovereign.


Train and bus stops are often only minutes away from most theory testing centers. Bus stops close to testing centres A bus stops at Quays close to test centres. Bus service by arrival. Telephone: 014 844 441. Salford Theory Testing Centre is located just 1 mile from bus stops, and about 2 minutes walk. An additional two floors of parking are available at The Quays just across the road from the theoretical testing centre.


TheDVSA is now able to send an email instead of a letter confirming your theory testing booking. Make sure that you give the proper e-mail confirmation for the given time and place for this theory examination. Check the trash if there’re still no emails being sent. Though it's unlikely to be necessary to travel to a theory testing center it should be printed out for staff when any issues arise.

How to book your theory test at the Salford Theory Test Centre

Your theory testing may be scheduled with the Driver and Truck Safety Authority (DVSA). You can make your Drivers Test Booking online. Bookings are made quickly. Our expert team has everything necessary to pass the car or bike theory testing.


The deadline to cancel a theory test should be at least 3 days prior to the scheduled test date, or if you'd like a refund. Saturday is included on the calendar for workdays.

Which driving test Centre has the highest pass rate in Manchester?

The statistics show that for the period from April 2020 and September 2021 the most difficult place for drivers is Rochdale. On the site 1,599 tests out of 489 were successful and the pass rate was 38.8%.

How long is the wait for a theory test?

The London testing centres, for example, require a 12-week waiting period. Unlike other testing centres in high density areas, the capacity to carry out multiple tests at the same time is limited.

Can you do your theory test online?

The Microsoft Chrome browser. There's currently no support for other types or browser versions. If the theory test is passed System readiness checks will verify whether the PC runs the testing software.

How can I pass my theory test quickly?

Tips for passing theory tests? Make sure you take our theoretical test. ... Make it to book. ... Get ready for hazards. ... Go get some hours. .. Give mock tests. ... Please give some space. ... Please keep an eye on the photo of the license plate. ... Take some training.

Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?

Yeovil Somerset was second and was followed by Dorchester in Dorset with 66% and Aberdeen South with 66.7 %. Lee in the Solent ranks fourth easiest with a 67.7% passing rate followed by Blyth with 64.7%.

Is there a waiting list for driving test UK?

Current waits for drivers testing for upcoming test dates are February 2021. Most testing centers have waiting periods around five months but cancellations come so that tests may last for 3 months.


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