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Driving Theory Test Centres in Peterborough

In fact Peterborough was the largest city in Cambridgeshire and it seems very reasonable that there are theoretical tests at the centre here for those studying in physics. This is an excellent location to live and work within this region. 

Peterborough Theory Test Centre

You must complete the Driving Theory DVSA before registering for the practical driving exam. You may take a theory test at a theory test centre throughout the UK and Scotland and at Peterborough. This short guide contains information about Peterborough theory testing centres. You will find lots of useful information here.


The Driving Test Center is located within Peterborough's city centre and includes many different routes during the driving test. Included are rural countryside driving and high speed dual carriageways like the A112 and the 1109 Rural road conditions sometimes represent a challenge when testing applicants owing to the fast National Limit speeds along with sometimes rough turns found along rural roads. The country road driving tutorial provides information regarding using the best speeds on the roads. Busy town travel includes such road networks as roundabouts and mini roundabouts, crossing roads, and junctions. Ideally, a detailed knowledge of this system is required.


Peterborough test route. Peterborough Driving coach. Driving tests in Peterborough last around 40 minutes and also include eye tests, Show Me, Tell Me questions. Your arrival at the testing center is a little early. The Peterborough Driving tests centres can be found around busy roads. It's important to understand the intersections around the roundabout and crossroads. It's hoped the difficulty of driving a system with a single direction system would be seen as one of its features. Busy road and dual-track A13 A406 features Peterborough's driving test centre.


Many British practical tests are conducted weeklong throughout the day. Some busiest centres offer weekends, however there's a higher booking cost. When testing centres offer tests on Saturday the results are shown during booking. Book a driving test by phone Practical driver testing is available online using automatic services or by telephone. To book the driving test in Peterborough, click book driving test page. It is a manual operation, however a DVSA assistant is available based on the prompts. Book the driver testing online.


In most British test centres, the rates of passing are quite variable. Generally in busy areas some centres have slightly less pass rates which means many test-taker choose alternative centres for testing. This section shows the passing rates of driving test results from the test center's driving test database.

How can I book my theory test at Peterborough Theory Test Centre?

It is possible for drivers and motorists to book their theory testing directly through the Drivers and Vehicles Standards Agency. Book your driving theory test online. Bookings are quick and convenient. We will do everything necessary to get a good theory test on motorcycles.

How long is the wait for a theory test Peterborough?

Two week wait, as recorded when we wrote this article. Depending upon the type of wait time, the duration of the service.

Can you do theory test online?

Here are the basic requirements of an online study test. Unfortunately, smartphones and tablets are not allowed on the Macbook and iPad. The use of webcams for the test and microphone.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

Areas with higher populations however often experience more wait times for driving tests. London testing centres for example have wait times up to 12 weeks.

When can you book your theory test?

You have to have a temporary certificate of entry to register for theory test, but you have to be at least 17 years of age. The only exception to the Mobility component is when you have an Individual Independence Benefit in which case you can take the theory test at 16 years old.

What's the waiting time for driving test?

London tests, for example, have wait times of between 12 to 24 days and longer. While DVSA employs an increasing number of driving examinations in large cities, test centres' capability is limited due to the size of centres.

Is Peterborough hard to drive in?

The results showed that women passed 44.8 per cent of their tests. Men passed 52% of tests in Peterborough, a figure well below the national standard.

How long is the wait for driving test UK?

The median wait for the car test is about 15 weeks. 79 test centres are available to wait up to 24 weeks. "

How long is the Peterborough theory test?

2-3 week waiting periods. Actual wait times can vary.

How long is the wait for a driving test Peterborough?

The national waiting list reaches 4177,000 people with average waiting times of around 17 weeks. The drivers' testing centre in Peterborough has been delayed for 25 weeks.

What is the pass rate for driving test Centre?

The rest of the top five easiest places for a UK driver's test include Uxbridge and Tolworth. Article relating.

Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?

Yeovil Somerset topped the poll with 77% of the students passing, followed by Dorset 68% and Aberdeen South 67%. Lee is the fourth easiest to pass with a passing score of 65.7%, followed by Blyth on 63.6%.

How many platforms does Peterborough station have?

The 7 platform can be reached by stairs as well as elevators. Ticket offices can be found in the parking lot. The RNIB map is on Peterborough, outside the entrance and just outside the entrance.

Is parking free on weekends in Peterborough?

Parking is available for the evening, weekend or during the official holidays.


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