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St Nicholas Street
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Driving Theory Test Centres in Worcester

Worcester is a famous town for many reasons. First, this is one of only two theoretical testing centres in Worcestershire. Worcester Theory Testing Centres. The comprehensive guide covers everything you need for your trip from the start to the finish, the current pass rate and the most popular local facilities. Good luck to all!

Worcester Theory Test Centre

DVSA requires obtaining the driving theory exam to get a practica test for driving. It'll happen at any theory testing centre in England and Wales - and they'll even have the theory testing centre in Worcestershire. This brief guide covers every detail about Worcester's theory testing center. We have all the necessary information for you.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Worcester theory test centre?

DVSA online theory test revision resources provide easy, fast, and intelligent methods of helping drivers take theory tests for the DVSA in Worcester Massachusetts. Our team has helped hundreds of people in the past with their revisions on automobile parts and motorcycle parts. We offer revisions that cater to various learning styles. You will get everything you want in a quick test so that they can prepare you quickly and efficiently. Do you think that sounds great? See the signup page for additional details. You can easily access a learning area when you sign up here.


If you want to avoid any trouble while at the Worcester Theory Testing Centre, take a printed copy of the DVSA email. If arriving at the testing site ensure that you bring your plastic photo identification card (this paper version isn't necessary anymore). It is necessary to retain the old style driving permit and a proper identification like a valid passport. If you have no passport you can obtain a new driver licence. If these items have not been taken, Worcester Theory Testing Center cannot run the test and you lose the theory testing reservation fee.


The theory tests can be booked by telephone or online only when you possess your provisional driving licence. You are able to book the theory test using the methods described above. DVSA manages all theoretical test bookings while Pearson Professional conducts theory testing. Make a reservation by noting your difficulty reading the book if it is your first attempt. Book the Theory Test in person - There are automated phone reservation systems available for Theory Testing. DVSA is able to answer your questions or make bookings.

Must Read About Worcester Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Worcester Theory Test

Theory testing center - Worcester. Located on 3rd Floor Haswell House, Block B1, St Nicholas Street, Worcester. Why aren't there any online theory testing facilities at the Worcester Theory Testing Center? We can show the complete Worcester Driver Theory Testing Centre. For driving theory tests in Worcester, please follow the links below. Worcester Theory Test Centre. Driving theory tests in Worcester can be done at St Nicolas St in Haswell, Worcester.


Trains and bus lines are usually less than a few minutes walking distance to most theory testing centers. Train Stations. Foregates. Worcester Strc. Worcestershire WR1 1BB. Station phone number: 021 634 2041 / 020 0100 0121. Worcester Theory Testing Center is located within a short walk. (0 km) Arrive with the car: An online parking area can be found on Sansome Street.

How to book your theory test at the Worcester Theory Test Centre

DVSA will arrange your test with DVSA directly for you. You may even take a driving test online. Reservations on our website can be done quickly and conveniently. You can take any theory tests on a motor bike with the same difficulty as you can get the test for yourself.


You are eligible in this case to cancel a theory test at another time or at a new time and the refund is available to anyone who cancels. The latter must have a corresponding minimum time to allow them (including weekends).

How long is wait for theory test?

London tests have waiting periods as high as 12 weeks. Although the DVSA employs an increasing number of driving examiners in large areas, the testing centre is limited due to the large size.

Can you sit theory test online?

How do we get online theory test results? However, mobile computers and tablets are not available. Webcams and microphones to monitor yourself before and after your test.

How can I pass my theory test quickly?

Tell me the best method for taking an advanced math test? Book your theoretical study session today. ... Get it done now. ... Get ready to spot the hazards! ... Make it a day. ... Make a mock test. ". Make sure the time is available. ... Remember your license photocards! ... Practice.

How many questions are on the theory test 2021 Ireland?

There is 45 minutes for answering these 40 questions.

Can you do theory test online?

How do I get my online theory test? Alas, the iPhone/iPod/Phone/iPod Touch/Mac is not allowed. Webcams and microphones to monitor the test.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

Aside from the high population density, regions of high density generally have shorter waiting lists for a test drive. The Testing Centre in London has a minimum waiting time of 12 weeks.

When can you book your theory test?

You will need an interim licence to take your theory test, this requires that you are 18 to take it. The only exceptions are those where you get the mobility component of a personal independent pay, and if you get this part then you could have taken a theoretical test at age 16.

How long is the waiting list for driving theory test?

A region of higher density has a more prolonged driving test waiting period than the rest of the world. Test centres in London usually have 12 to 15 week waiting time.

How can I pass my driving theory test?

How should I prepare for the theory test? Book the theory exam. ... Take your book. ... Get better at risk assessment. = = = = Set up hours. . Do a mock exam. ... Make sure there is ample time. ... ) Please remember your license photo. The 'Bob' is a fictional character who was born in the late 19th century in the United Kingdom. Make a practice period.

Where is the easiest place to pass your driving test in Ireland?

Ennis in the Company. Clare finished second with 69,53 pts. passrate, followed by Clifden (66.69%, Sligo, 68.859%), Carrickon-Shannon (56.77%) and Loughrea (66.59%).

What's the waiting time for driving test?

In London test centres the waiting periods range from 12 weeks to a full 12 weeks. The DVSA employs more drivers examination experts in high population areas, but test centres' capacity to perform test days is restricted due to centre size.

What is the pass rate for driving test Centre?

The rest, the five most efficient places for passing a driving test are Tolworth, Uxbridge & Pinner. Associated article. -

How long is the wait for driving test UK?

In the United States it takes around 15 weeks to get a car test. 79 test stations waiting at least 24 months. "

How long is the wait for a theory test?

London testing centres have wait periods up to 12 weeks in some cases. Although more driver examination specialists are employed in the highly urbanized areas of the DVSA, testing facilities are restricted in capacity because of centre sizes.

Can you take your driving theory test online UK?

It is strictly possible to have your theoretical tests at approved testing centres from DSA. You must reserve your test in advance, as the test will be conducted by the authorised DVSA Test Centres. You may request a driving permit test online by contacting the Driving Department via Direct.gov.uk or by mail.



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