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Uxbridge Theory Test Centre
You must have a DVSA driving theory test before booking a practical driving test. The theory test is available at any UK theory test centre, including the UK theory test centre in Uxbridge. This brief guide explains all the details of Uxbridge Theory Testing centres. You will find many helpful tips here for a practical test in xbridge.
Driving Theory Test Centres in Uxbridge
Uxbridge's theory testing centre is located within easy reach. Accessible via several transport routes, this is an excellent choice for people living in or around Greater London. Continue reading for helpful information on the testing site such as the wait time and the location.
How can I pass my theory test first time at the Uxbridge theory test centre?
Online theory test revision materials for learners from Uxbridge can help you pass the DVSA test easily and safely. When a theory test is required on your car we can help you with it. No matter what your learning style, we cater to different learning styles. It is bespoke for you and gives you everything you need to prepare for an exam quickly and efficiently. What do you think about it? Please check our Register page for additional information. You'll be immediately given a chance for a free lesson once you register.
Booking a theory test at Uxbridge Theory Test Centre
To schedule your theory test visit the DVSA website here, or reserve your theory test online 24/7. You may also contact our DVSA phone number - 01221 122 to book. When booking a theory test you choose a theory test centre. Please see this site for full information on Theory Testing Centre locations and facilities. You should always be prepared for your Theory Test so that you get an excellent chance. You'll find a wide variety of useful theoretical information throughout this site learnerpod.co.uk.
Many train and bus stops can be walked to within minutes. Station Railway. London Metro. High streets of the city. UB 8 1JZ - Station - Telephone 0844 748 4951. Railway stations are a short walk from Uxbridge Theory Testing Centre. Getting there with a vehicle: A multistory parking lot can be found nearby. Continue straight ahead over two highways a short distance away. Applicants should use the white glass doors at the left of the entrance. It's not possible to park at this location.
Must Read About Uxbridge Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Uxbridge Theory Test
Theory Test Centres Uxbridge Address: Uxbridge 2, Wellington House, 4-10 Cowley Road, Uxbridge UB8 2XW. Why do you think you should take a theory class online? Find more information regarding the Uxbridge Driving Theory Testing Center below. The following list of information should give you a booking form for driving theory test from Uxbridge theory testing centre. Uxbridge Theory Test Center UK The Driving Theory Test at Uxbridge is conducted at Wellington House in Cowley Road.
How do I get to Uxbridge Theory Test Centre?
When travelling to a theory testing center, give more time as you're likely to experience unexpected things. Tell us your best travel guide. The Theory Test Centre near Uxbridge will be your first choice when arriving. By car: If you travel in a car, this Grainger car park provides you with the closest car park. Alternatively, you might consider parking nearby. Usually some parks charge an extra fee. Bus: Take your bus to Hinton Road.
The only necessary thing for making a theory tests booking is a valid provisional driver licence. This test can be booked by using one of the two ways listed above. DVSA manages all theoretical test reservations and Pearson professionals conduct theory test booking. Please note that while you make reservations you will need help if reading or hearing problems occur. Reservation of theory tests can be done by e-mail.
How to book your theory test at the Uxbridge Theory Test Centre?
It is possible to schedule a theory test directly with the Driver and Vehicle Safety Authority (DVSA). If necessary, book a driving theory testing with us. Booking on our website is simple. We will provide all the necessary tools and materials to pass your motorcycle or auto mechanic theory tests and the most important theory tests to pass.
When your theory testing is complete the DVSA e-mail will be sent. Check your email for missing information. This email confirms the theory test dates and provides a reference number. Although this email should not be essential when you visit a theoretical testing centre, it is strongly recommended to take this to your instructor.
It will be possible either to reschedule the theory exam or cancel your course to get an immediate refund. You may need three working days notice for either (excluding Sundays).
Uxbridge Theory Test Centre Address
Drive Theory Testing Centres Address. Union House, 2 Vine Street, UC8 1QE. Telephone: 0100 210 222 (international phone number).
Can you sit theory test online?
How should we qualify to take online theoretical tests first if we are not using iMacs? Unfortunately, iPhone Xs tablet/iPad / iMac are not supported. A webcam & camera to monitor before and during tests.
How long is the wait for a theory test?
The tests in London usually take around 12 weeks to complete. However, more driving exampers are hired by the DVSA in urban areas because of fewer test centres.
How long is theory test uk?
The certificate for theory tests can last 2 years after the date you pass. If you don't complete the practical examination in two years you may take an additional theoretical exam. The rule is not applicable.
When can you book your theory test?
You must hold a provisional licence for the theory test if you wish and you must be 16 years old to take the test. The only exceptions to the mobility component are those who are entitled to the personal independence payments, so you may take your theory test from 16 to 18 years old.
Is Uxbridge test Centre easy?
There's a further five easy places for getting a licence in London, namely tolworth car dealership and pinner.... Related article.
Which driving test Centre has the highest pass rate in London?
Ashford - London Middlesex Passing Driving Tests is the right to enter the country. Testing centre.
How many driving test Centres are there in England?
There were 380 driving tests in the UK.
How long is the theory test waiting list?
Areas with larger populations, however, generally have long waits on driving tests. London test centres require wait periods of at least 12 weeks.
What is the easiest driving test Centre in London?
Other easy places to get an excellent test result include Tolworth, Carstanton, Uxbridge and Pinner. Related articles.
How early should I arrive for my theory test?
You must arrive ten minutes early to prepare for your exams. You must present a valid driver's license at the time of your arrival to the admin to verify your booking and confirm it.
How long is the driving test waiting list?
Areas with a higher population density are however more likely to experience lengthy waits for test drive tests. London tests centres are typically 12 to 12 weeks long in duration. 

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