Eastbourne Theory Test Centre

Eastbourne Theory Test Centre Address

Ground Floor
Senlac House
53-58 Seaside Road
BN22 7NE
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BN22 7NE
Driving Theory Test Centres in Eastbourne

 Eastbourne theory testing centres. This can be handy for anyone living or working within East Sussex's southern region. If you'd be interested in visiting the sea city for your next road trip then take a quick read. We'll take a look at all of those features to help determine if this testing site is right for you!


Booking theory testing for Eastbourne Theory Testing Centre is simple with two different methods listed below. Please make sure you have the driver's license at hand before you can get your reservation. The DVSA is responsible for booking all theoretical testing tests in Britain. The phone number and email contact information for Pearson Professionals conducting theory tests is available on the reservation page. Book theory tests online A free automated telephone number to book theory testing online. To book the theory test at the Eastbourne test site visit our driving theory page.

How do I get to Eastbourne Theory Test Centre?

If you arrive in Eastbourne, take this travel advice before setting a date: Walking: The theory testing centre is located along Seaside Road and the A259. The area also contains many famous restaurants. Using cars: Whenever a driver takes a vehicle aim to go toward the port and then east of that location. Ensure that you are in the seaside area and then have enough parking. Please know there are a number of restrictions on parking. Bus stops are located along the Marine Route for travelers who travel by boat or taxi. This is only two blocks from the testing center.

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Eastbourne : Eastbourne, Senlac House, Seaside, Eastbourne, BN2 2N Book Theory Test - DSA Eastbourne Test Centre. Please view this map from the DSA Eastbourne Test Centre. Why are there online theory tests available at Eastbourne Theory Test Centre? See the details of our Eastbourne Driver Theory testing facility. The following information is required for booking online driving theory tests at Eastbourne Theory Test Centre. Eastbourne theory testing centres UK Driving theory tests for Eastbourne take place on Seaside at Senlac House.


Theory test centres are usually near trains which require very short walking. Eastbourne Station Terminus Road BN213QJ Station. Telephone: 08 45784 9500. Eastbourne Theory Test Centre is about a 14min walk from the train station. When arriving in the car: There are several street parking spots around the testing site. A car park is located on Trinity Place.

Booking a theory test at Eastbourne Theory Test Centre

To book a theory assessment online you can visit DVSA website.com. Alternatively, you can contact DVSA by telephone 0300 202 1122. You can also choose which theory testing center to book the theory tests at. The complete list can be found here. It is very important to study your theory tests so as to get a great first-time passing score.


After your theory exam booking you will receive a response email from DVSA. Check the folder for missing items. The e-mail confirms the time of the testing booking. However if the study of theory is no longer necessary the student can print this email to show the staff at the centre if a problem arises.

How long is the wait for a driving test in Eastbourne?

A typical waiting list to book a driving test in Eastbourne lasts two weeks. If you learn to drive now, you won't have any problems. Just ensure you apply for the test at least two weeks before the deadline for the driving test.

When can you book your theory test?

You have to get a temporary licence if you are planning to get into a theory exam. You must be 17 years or older before you can do this examination. The only exception is if you get the mobility component of the Personal Independence Payment. If this applies, you can get a theory test at the age of 16.


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  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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