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Plymouth Theory Test Centre

You must pass the driving theory exam from DVSA before taking a driving test. You are able to take a theory test anywhere throughout the UK including a theoretical testing centre in Plymouth. Basically this short guide outlines every aspect of Plymouth Theory Testing Centre. We offer free online testing in Plymouth so you can get in contact with a specialist in testing.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Plymouth

Drivers of learning courses in the ports of Plymouth should know there is an Exeter theory testing centre. So, you won't need to go far if you've got to tick off the most important steps in getting your license! This complete guide covers all the essential details. This is the information you need to get to the nearest centre and the prices of your tickets!

Must Read About Plymouth Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Plymouth Theory Test

Theory Testing – Plymouth Addresses, 1st Floor, Princess Court Princess Street Plymouth. Book Theory Testing – DSA- Plymouth Test Center. Click on this link to visit the DSA Plymouth Theory Testing Center. Why don't you book online theoretical tests at Plymouth? No More. All of the facts about Plymouth's Driving Theory Test Centres are available. To book your online driving test in Plymouth, please click here to find out more details. Location of Plymouth Theory Test Centre UK Driving theory testing in Plymouth takes place at Princess Street on Princess Avenue.


Test booking is easily completed via a number of different ways described below. You must have an approved driving license. The Driving and Vehicle Specifications Agency (DVSA) handles all book requests for theory tests. The testing center is managed by Pearson Professionals. The contact details for the two organisations are available on the booking pages listed here. Book theory tests online One way to book driving theory tests is via online booking system.


The DVA now sends email and not faxes for confirmation of a test booking. Please provide your correct email addresses in order to receive confirmation on the day the test takes place. If no one is receiving any emails check their junk folder. Although the test centre cannot offer any essential testing, it is advised to copy this email to the centre personnel if there are issues.


The train station can be reached by walking. Plymouth City Bus number 34 stops Athenaeum Place Station. Phone Number: 01752662271. Plymouth Theory Test Centre is just 0.1 km away. Arrival via vehicle: Parking is available on-street just outside Theory Testing Center. Parking is available at a parking complex which is only a few minutes walk from the site.

How can I book my theory test at Plymouth Theory Test Centre?

It's possible to book your theory testing directly at DVSA. Book the driving theory test for free online. Reservations are simple. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive test prep program for your car or motorcycle.


Three working day notice will be imposed upon the applicant if the theory test should be rescheduled. Saturday is regarded as an hourly work day.

Where can I take my theory test in Plymouth?

The test facility is situated at the City's business center opposite City Center.

Can you do theory test online?

What do I require to take the online theoretical examination? But phones, iPads, or Macbooks are still not compatible with the Macbook computer. A microphone to monitor your performance during the testing.

How long is the wait for a driving theory test?

Tell me the waiting duration for the driving theory tests? Most theoretical tests require between 2 and 3 days to be performed but these may also take longer in busier areas.

How long is the wait for a driving test in Plymouth?

Unfortunately, the driving test can take several weeks. DTC driving test cancellations are generally able to give your drivers an earlier test within about three weeks in Plymouth. Please do not believe it.

What is the waiting time for theory test?

In London testing centres, for example the waiting period can reach as many as 12 weeks.

Can you sit theory test online?

How does it help you prepare for online theory testing? Unfortunately smartphones and tablet devices are unavailable. Use of Webcams and earphones to monitor your results for both tests.

What's the waiting time for driving test?

London testing centres typically wait up to six weeks. DVSA employs more drivers than any other agency but the ability to conduct multiple test days on a particular day is limited by centre size.

How long is the wait for driving test UK?

The current average wait time on car tests is approximately 15 months. 79 Testing Facilities have an initial waiting period of 24 months. "

What is the pass rate for driving test Centre?

The remaining five most convenient places for passing the driving tests are Tolworth, Carshalton, Uxbridge and Pinner. Related article

Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?

Yeovil Somerset finished second with 67%, followed by Dorset (66.6%) and Aberdeen South (56.3%). Lee is third easiest with passing rates of 65.8% and Blyth on 65.7%.

Can you do your theory test online?

This browser is currently supported only on Microsoft Windows. Pass in the System Readyness test which double checks the software compatibility of your computer and runs this test.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

In regions with a higher population density, however there is a higher waiting period for driving tests in some areas. In London test centres there can be delays of up to 12 weeks.

Is there free parking in Plymouth?

How long does parking take to be available in Plymouth? Parking in Plymouth is open from 6 pm to 8 pm, but there are restrictions at night in the majority of Plymouth areas.

Where can I park in Plymouth all day?

Park at night in Plymouth. I am in Plymouth and I'm gonna go there. Elphinstone Street Carpark. Exchange street parking. Courtenay Avenue parking lot. Woolworth West Parkway. Plymouth Market parking. Mayflower St West car park. Guildhall Square parking. St Andrews Street/Whimples Street parking lot.

Are parking charges suspended in Plymouth?

Parking charges have been withdrawn from City Car Park but they will be focused primarily on ensuring the safety of the services provided. We continue to enforce yellow lines on footpaths, disability parking spaces, business spaces and hospital emergency rooms.

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