Isle of Islay Theory Test Centre

Isle of Islay Theory Test Centre Address

Argyll & Bute Councils Service Point
Jamieson St
PA43 7HZ
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PA43 7HZ
The Isle of Islay theory test centre is located at the Argyll & Bute Councils Service Point on Jamieson Street in Bowmore. The Isle of Islay is very small and the theory test centre shouldn't be too difficult to find, especially if you live on Islay, but if you are new to the island, look out for the Bowmore Hotel - the theory test centre is directly opposite there.

You are likely to be a resident of the island who would therefore drive to the test centre, but if you are coming to the test centre from an outlying location, the airport is only a short drive from Bowmore. The ferry crossing from the mainland is on the other side of the island.

Only 33 people took their theory test in Isle of Islay last year, but the pass rate was excellent and 22 of them passed. So if you think you have done enough revision and are keen to take your theory test in Isle of Islay, book your theory test online with us. Reserving a booking slot online only takes a few minutes to do, and as long as you can pay by card and have your licence number to hand, you should be ready to go in no time at all. 

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