Inverness Theory Test Centre

Inverness Theory Test Centre Address

Ballantyne House Suites 1&2 1st floor
84 Academy Street
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Inverness theory test centre is in suites 1 & 2 on the first floor of Ballantyne House, which is located on Academy Street. The test centre is really close to Inverness train station. When you leave the main station exit, walk up the road and turn left into Strothers Lane, then turn right and you are in Academy Street. Continue walking until you pass Margaret Street and Ballantyne House is on the right hand side, next door to Dominos Pizza. This short journey will only take around five minutes unless you decide to stop for a pizza. If you decide to drive to Inverness theory test centre, there is a car park a couple of streets away. Alternatively, there are a number of bus services that stop on Academy Road.

If you are ready to book your theory test online, we recommend that you make the booking through us. It is a lot less hassle to book a theory test online and the time you save doing it this way is time you can spend practicing your driving theory.

Inverness is not a large centre - only 2,797 people took their theory test in Inverness last year. However, 55.6% of them passed. 

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