Oban driving theory Theory Test Centre

Oban driving theory Theory Test Centre Address

The Oak Room
The Rockfield Centre
Linndhu House
19 Stevenson Street
PA34 5NA
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PA34 5NA

Oban Theory Test Centre

Below are the details about the driving theory test centre in Oban. You can book an appointment online or by phone. There are toilets available. Disabled access is available.


Train stations are usually close to theory test centres. This one is less than half a mile away from the test centre. There is a pay-and-display parking lot next to the train station.


There are two ways to take a driving test. You can either book online using our website or call us directly. We also offer an appointment service when you want to come into our office. Please note that we do not provide a telephone booking service.

Booking a driving theory test by telephone is easy. You simply call the number provided and follow the instructions. A DVSA staff member can also be contacted if you need help.

Book a theory test online Due too many people trying to book theory tests online, we're displaying fewer available theory test slots than usual. Try again when more theory test slots become available.


You may reschedule your theory test to another suitable time and date. Or you may cancel your theory test to receive a full refund.


You should always be sure to include the correct email address when booking a theory test. If you haven't been sent an email confirming your booking, check your junk folder or spam filter.


All Theory Test Centres have pre-allocated allocated test times for all drivers. As a result, if you arrive late, you will not be allowed to sit the test. You must bring along your provisional licence, passport and photocard. If you have lost your licence, contact the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) who will send you a new one.

Car driving test pass rates by gender

Car driving tests are given to people who want to drive cars. There are more men than women taking these tests. Women tend to take them later than men do.

Car driving test pass rates by first attempt at the test

This data table shows car driving tests pass rates by first attempt by year since 2007. Updated once a year.

Car driving test pass rates by age to

This data table shows car driving tests pass rates by age (aged 17 to 25 years old) for every driving test center by year since 2007. Data is updated once a year, and this data table is sorted by year.

Car driving test pass rates by ethnicity

Car Driving Test Pass Rates by Ethnicity for Every Driving Test Centre by Year Since 2007

Year White Asian Black Other Total

Oban Theory Test Centre Address

Driving theory test centre address is in Oban, PA 34 5 NA. Telephone number is 0 300 200 1 2 3.

How To Get To Oban Theory Test Centre

Allow more time for your journey. Something unexpected might happen during your journey. Prepare for your test by arriving at your appointment 15 minutes early. Here is some travel information:

Walking: If you are walking along the A85 Road, the Stevenson Street is the main road that leads to the theory test centre. Head towards the car park. By Car: If your friends or family want to drive along the A85 Road with you, there is a car park near the Stevenson Street.

There are many parking spaces near the theory test centre. If you are travelling by car, you can park your vehicle nearby. You can take public transport or drive to the theory test centre.

You need to bring your provisional licence with your when going to take your theory test. Otherwise, you won't be able to sit for the theory exam.

Booking A Theory Test At Oban Theory Test Centre

It is really important that you practice for your theory test to get the best score possible. You can find lots useful theory resources across the whole website learnerpod.com.

Pass Rates by Year

As you can see, the percentage of people who passed the theory test at Oban was higher than the national average. However, this does not mean that the test is any better or worse anywhere else. In fact, the test is exactly the same everywhere.

Guides and Tips

Don't forget to study! You'll need to know what you're going to be tested on before the day comes. Studying ahead of time will help you get a better score on your exam.

The theory test assesses knowledge of the following topics. The Highway Code. Traffic Signs. Essential Driving Skills. Hazard Perception. You can find all this information in books and online. There are also some free mock theory tests which give you an idea of how well you're doing.

You should start by looking at the official DVSA theory test app for iOS. There you'll be given an overview of what to expect on the day. This includes information about how long the test will take, what you need to bring along, and what you need to do before taking the test.

Nearby Theory Test Centres

We may be bigging up Oban, but it's not as important as other places. You might want to take a look at other theory test centres around the country.

What Happens Next?

You've passed theory test, now it's time to practice. Practice makes perfect. Take lessons with a professional driving teacher.

You should book your practical test as soon as possible. Your nearest testing centre is located on Albany street in Oban.

Learning to drive can be a pain, but it doesn't need to be. If you sign up for a PassMeFast class, we'll handle everything else. We'll make sure you get your license quickly, and we'll help you pass your road test. Plus, if you want to learn how to drive manually or automatically, we offer both options. All you have to do is concentrate on driving.

You can choose any course you want. You can also select if you want to pay by credit card or debit card.


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