Merthyr Tydfill Theory Test Centre

Merthyr Tydfill Theory Test Centre Address

Ground Floor
Ty Keir Hardie
Riverside Court
Avenue de Clichy
Merthyr Tydfil
CF47 8LD
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CF47 8LD
Driving Theory Test Centres in Merthyr Tydfil

If you live in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales it's only one place where it is possible to pass theory tests. Yes. The Merthyr Tydfil Theory Test center is likely to become the preferred choice among students from the surrounding areas. For the best results from your tests, please check out the complete guide on testing centers. We cover key statistics such as pass rate, as well as exploring useful information such as nearby transport routes and study materials.


Booking a theory test at a UK test centre, even at Merthyr Tydfil can be achieved using one of the methods listed below. It requires information on a valid driving license. If you have a hearing difficulty during your reservation, make an announcement that this is necessary. The driver and vehicle standards authority manages test booking, Pearson professionals manage theory tests and conduct theory tests. The contact information for the two organizations is available from the booking sections listed below. Reservation of the theoretical exam on the internet is made via automatic service.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Merthyr Tydfil theory test centre?

Driving Theory 4 Online course revisions help learners pass the theory test in Mthyr Tydfil easily. Our professional technicians are ready to assist in your car, motorcycle or ADI Part 1 lorry. We offer revision materials which cater to various learning styles. This course is also personalized for you so you can learn every skill you need for your theory test within minutes. Is this possible? See what you can do on the SignUp page. When signing up you have instant access to a classroom.


DVSA now sends a message rather than an email to confirm your theory testing reservation. Verify your e-mail address to get your confirmation for date, time, and reference number for your Theory Test. If you don't receive a reply check your junk folder. However, it is not essential for the theory testing centre; it is recommended to use it to communicate with staff in the centre should a question occur.


Most tests centres will be located within walking distance of trains. Merthyrie Tydfil Railway Station Masonic Streets. Merthyrie Tydfil Mid Glamorgan C4H 8DW Station. Telephone: 064 616 6060. Merthyr Tydfil Theory Test Center is about 0.3 miles away. Arrival by car: A multi-storey parking lot is situated at the Castleyard approximately three minutes from theory testing centre.

Must Read About Merthyr Tydfil Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Merthyr Tydfil Theory Test

Theory Test Centre - Merthyr Tydfil Merthyr Tydfil, 1st floor Castle House, Glebelland Street Merthyr Tydfil. Is online theory testing available at Merthyr Tydfil? Find all the information you need about Merthyr Tydfil Driving Theory Test Centres right here. The above is the complete list of all our online driving tests from Merthyr Tydfil Theorie Test Centre.

Useful Resources

Some resources are useful to get through the theory exams for Merthyr Tydfil. - Please check the link below for a complete list! Do your theoretical tests in Mertyr Tydfil? Online theory classes: A driving course at Mertha Tydfil. Our show podcasts – the Swan & Soto Show. Youtube Theory Revision videos.

How to book your theory test at the Merthyr Tydfil Theory Test Centre

It is possible to get your theory test online directly from the DVSA. We offer a driving theory testing program. Bookings can be completed quickly and efficiently by phone. You'll receive everything necessary to pass your automobile and/or bicycle test.


When you cannot attend Merthyr Tydfil's Theory tests you can rescheduling your tests or cancel your tests. If you give three days advance notice, you will have the option to rescheduled the testing. Fridays are incorporated into work days.

Transport links

The city of Merthyr Tydfil has an area that mainly covers the Merthyr County Borough. Tell me a way to travel to your destination?

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When booking your DSA theory test in Merthyr Tydfill you'll need:

  • A valid debit/credit card for payment.
  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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