Isle of Wight Newport Theory Test Centre

Isle of Wight Newport Theory Test Centre Address

Ground Floor
48 Lugley Street
Isle of Wight
PO30 5HD
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PO30 5HD

Isle of Wight Theory Test Centre

Please double check the test centre location in your booking confirmation. Our office will be unable to respond if you have any questions about your test booking.

I think that Isle of Wight Car Theory Test Center is a great place to prepare for your car theory exam. They offer a wide selection of resources and tools for car drivers in preparation for the test. The center has several practice tests, as well as access to an online portal where you can take the test. There is also a telephone hotline service available for those who need help with the exam. Overall, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs help studying for their car theory exam.

Isle of Wight Theory Test Centre Address

The location of Isle of WIGHT Theory Test Centre for car, motorcycle and HGV/LGV candidates is: 48 Lugley Street. Newport. Isle Of Wight. PO30 05HD.

Isle of Wight Theory Test Centre Directions

Car. You can travel to the test centre by using your car. There are parks at Little London and Lugley Street, both of them are about 0.1 miles away from the test centre, and they take three minutes to walk to the centre.


The station is located on South St., about 5 minutes away by foot. There are no trains in Newport. The test center is located on the ground level of the building.

Can I take my theory test online?

No. You must take the Theory Test at a Registered DVSA Theory Test Centre. Find a DVSA Theory Test Centre

What is the waiting time for a theory test?

Waiting times vary between theory test centres. You can see this by clicking on the link above.

What Happens Next?

There are two tests involved in gaining a driver's license. Getting ready for the practical test takes much more time and energy than doing the theory test. Use your theory test pass certificate number to book a practical test date. Residents of the Isle Of Wight will be delighted to know that there is a practical testing center right in Newport.

You should take classes that last longer than an hour. Intensive courses beat 1-hour lesson any day of the week because we offer courses ranging from 10 to 40 hours. We'll also introduce your to an experienced, local teacher and fast-track any exams you require.

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Arriving at Isle of Wight Theory Test Centre

This station is located near a small town called Lugley Street. There is also a bus stop nearby. A garage is close by as well.

Taking the Theory Test

You must answer correctly by touching the correct option. If you fail a question you'll be given another chance to answer it right. There are two tests per category. Each test contains 15 questions. The first time you attempt a test you'll be asked if you want to continue or quit. If you choose to continue then you'll be presented with a new set of questions. If you decide to quit then you'll receive a score based on how many questions you answered correctly.

For the hazard perception test, you need to know how many people were killed in car accidents last year. You also need to know how many cars were involved in those accidents. Then you need to know if any of the drivers was drunk or distracted by cell phones. Finally, you need to know if the driver had an accident before.

How To Get To Isle Of Wight Theory Test Centre

The Isle of Wight is an island off the south coast of England. To get there, take the train or bus. You should leave your house early because if you're late, you might be turned away.

You should drive to the Theory Test Centre because there are many parking spaces near the centre. There are also many buses coming here every day.

You can get to the train station by taking the bus or driving yourself.

Booking A Theory Test At Isle Of Wight Theory Test Centre

To book your theory test you need to go to the DVSA's website and book your theory test there. You can also call the DVSA's booking number if you want to book your theory test by telephone. There are other theory test centres near me, Preparing for the theory test is very important. You should make sure that you study hard and get plenty of sleep before taking the exam.

Isle of Wight Car Theory Test Center

If you are attempting to undertake a driving theory test in the Isle of Wight area, then you will need to make sure that you report to the Isle of Wight car theory test centre. This is the only driving theory test centre in the Isle of Wight area, and will provide you with an official DVSA approved test result on request.



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