Isle of Mull Salen Theory Test Centre

Isle of Mull Salen Theory Test Centre Address

Mull and Iona Community Trust
An Roth Community Enterprise Centre
PA65 6AY
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PA65 6AY
The Isle of Mull theory test centre is located inside Craignure Village Hall in the village of Craignure. This is within close proximity to the Village Inn and the local police station, so you should have no problems finding it on the day of the test. Craignure is on the east side of the Island and the ferry service from Oban arrives here, so if you are travelling to Mull from another island, the theory test centre in Craignure is very accessible.

In view of the remote location of the theory test centre in Mull, we recommend that you book your theory test online to establish when it is possible to sit the test in Craignure Village Hall, the reason being that the village hall is used for a variety of other community activities and is therefore sometimes booked up in advance.

Only 20 people took their theory test in Isle of Mull between April 2012 and March 2013, which just goes to show how remote the island is and how few people live there. But despite this, the pass rate there is the best in the UK and that same year, 80% of candidates passed with flying colours, although it dropped to 61.1% the following year. 

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