Isle of Benbecula Theory Test Centre

Isle of Benbecula Theory Test Centre Address

Caladh Trust Centre
Balivanich East Camp
Isle of Benbecula
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The Isle of Benbecula is pretty remote, but despite its desolate location the island has a busy little theory test centre catering for residents living in the surrounding area. If you live on the island you will be able to take your theory test in the Caladh Trust Centre, which is in Balivanich East Camp in Balivanich. The Isle of Benbecula theory test centre is close to the Dark Island Hotel, so use this as a navigational aid. The test centre is also within sight of the sea, so it is a very scenic place to sit a theory test!

The Isle of Benbecula is accessed from mainland Scotland via ferry. You can also drive from the Isle of Benbecula to South Uist and North Uist (via a causeway), so anyone living on either of those two islands can travel via car to Benbecula to sit their theory test.

101 people took their theory test in Isle of Benbecula between April 2012 and March 2013, which is amazing given the size and remoteness of the location.

If you live in a remote location such as the Isle of Benbecula we recommend that you book your theory test online with us. Booking online is a whole lot easier than calling up to make a booking. And the time you save by booking online is extra time you can spend revising to ensure a first-time pass. 

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