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Riding a motorbike is one of the most liberating and exciting sensations there is. It's also one that requires you to pay special attention to your own safety. That's why passing your theory and practical tests convincingly, with their lessons thoroughly absorbed and deep-rooted is so important.

For many people, though, particularly if they're already a car driver, having to arrange and complete the theory test can be a chore that they could do without. Testing centres are busy and sometimes it can be difficult to find a time that's convenient, or to snap up cancellations when they become available at short notice. If you're out at work all day, the task is made even trickier.

That's why we at set up the website and how we've helped thousands of people to organise and pass their theory tests. Our service offers comprehensive coverage of the UK and our experienced staff will work on your behalf to secure the best time available for you. All you need do is to fill in a few details and we'll set to work to make sure that your life is made that little bit simpler.

In addition to being able to supply you with all the learning materials you need, we also guarantee that if you only just miss out on passing your test, scoring between 40-42, we'll pay for your re-sit. That's not an option that the testing centre offers!

Fill in your details so that we can arrange your DVLA motorcycle test today.