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BT43 6AD
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BT43 6AD
About the Driving Theory Test

In order to hold a UK driving licence you must first demonstrate a theoretical knowledge of the roads and then take a practical test. It is important that you understand how the road works and how other users operate.

Your theory test is designed with two parts, firstly you will be shown a multiple-choice quiz and then a hazard perception simulation where you must quickly and correctly identify and react to hazards shown on the road in front of you.

Taking the Test

We strongly recommend that you arrive at the test centre 15 minutes before your test to ensure that you are not disqualified for being late. If DVLA do disqualify someone for being later is very hard to appeal this decision.

On arrival you will be allocated a secure locker for the duration of the test. Please leave everything you bring with you in the locker as you are not allowed to take anything into the test room. This does include your mobile phone, pieces of paper, and other electronic devices. Again, if you are suspected of cheating you will be immediately disqualified, and it will count as a fail.

After the Test

You'll be given the test result as you complete the test. There will be a breakdown that shows whether you have passed or failed and how well you did on different sections of the test. This is useful if you do have to retake.

Retaking The Test

If unfortunately, one fails their theory test on their first attempt, they can always retake it after three working days from when they took their last theory exam. However, it's important to note that there is no limit to how many times one can retake their theory exam until they pass it. Also, when booking for another theory exam, one would need their UK driving license number and debit/credit card details handy as this information would be required during booking.

Getting Help With The Test

If one needs help with their theory exam preparation or has any questions about taking their theory exam, they can visit which contains all necessary information about preparing for your theory exam.


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  • A valid UK/NI driving license number.

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